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By Robert Farrow

Bow to diversity leaves altar empty

WILLIAMSBURG — The simple altar at the College of William & Mary’s Wren Chapel befits the austerity of the Anglican tradition in which the school was founded. There are no ornate icons or stained-glass windows, just a few candles and an empty space where a brass cross once stood. To some, that empty space marks the triumph of diversity over exclusivity. To others, it represents unchecked political correctness at the expense of free expression.

College President Gene R. Nichol decided in October to remove the Wren Chapel cross, unless its display is requested. Responses have been passionate, from campus discussions and newspaper editorials to an online petition and a debate this week between William & Mary religion professor David Holmes and conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza. Mr. Nichol defended his decision Thursday night as students returned for the spring semester and the 313-year-old public school heard its first State of the College address.

“I modified the way in which the cross is displayed in the ancient Wren Chapel seeking to assure that the marvelous Wren — so central to the life of the college — be equally open and welcoming to all,” Mr. Nichol told roughly 400 students, alumni and faculty packed into the college’s Commonwealth Auditorium. Mr. Nichol said the decision has received wide support but “many, many have seen it otherwise” and have asked him to reconsider.
From the Washington Times

If you believe the article, then this is not an attack on Christianity, but just an affirmation of diversity. BullSh@#. Does the same treatment occur on Muslim or Jewish houses of worship? No,and they never will. For as the ACLU only seems to care about the Christian religion, and no others, the cultural “elite’s” true agenda is to destroy Christian values, and not the preservation of the “Separation of Church and State”. (By the way, the Separation of Church and State is not in our Constitution, and never has been.

But there is a bigger danger then just the attack on my religion. History is nothing but a collision of beliefs and cultures. And again, as we have been before, we are in a war for our culture and our values. So my question to the moral relativism crowd, the crowd that hates our country and thinks no value system is better then any other is this: If all value systems are equal, why would you fight for it? If our country is no better then any other, why will you fight to defend it?

For this and so many other reasons, liberalism will destroy this country.

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