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This thread on DummiesU is quite telling.  It’s entitled:

Poll question: Should rich people be able to do whatever they want?

Um, yeah.  This is what is considered a valid question.  Should a free man or women, who happens to be rich, be allowed to just do whatever they want?  Who the hell do they think they are?

Even better are some of the responses:

Codeblue (454 posts) Fri Jan-26-07 09:38 PM
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3. I voted no
While I’m all for spending your own money on what you wish, when you start harming the environment then it’s no longer your right to do whatever you want.

When doing whatever you want with your money harms people or animals, then you forfeit that right. Honestly, rich people think they can do anything. If I tried to do some of the things rich people do, I’d be sent to prison for a long time.

Mend (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-26-07 09:35 PM
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2. sure but they should not expect poor peoples’ sons and daughters
to protect their freedom and liberties…why should the rest of us care if they are safe and sound.

ProudDad (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-26-07 09:40 PM
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4. They should be allowed
to eat sh*t and die…

(That is, the ultra-rich, the real "owners" of this society)…

Serious answer — return the 95% marginal tax rate on the real rich — incomes over 1 million dollars per year and capital gains over 1 million dollars per year…

Wiley50 (1000+ posts) Sun Jan-28-07 11:17 PM
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14. They Should Pay A LIVING WAGE Even If They Don’t Want To
And They Must Not Take Control of Our Government
And Subvert The Constitution

So, Therefore, I vote NO

And one of my favorites:

leftofthedial (1000+ posts) Sun Jan-28-07 11:51 PM
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25. no. there should be no rich people.
the exorbitant wealth concentrated at the high end of a laissez fair capitalist oligarchy is no longer sustainable on this planet.

Ok, maybe this is my favorite:

ConsAreLiars (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-29-07 01:38 AM
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34. Yes, but if they do these things before compensating those they stole their riches from they should be hung. And eaten. There is nothing right or decent about any human being able to display their ill-gotten wealth in front of those they have stolen from. It is simply the typical arrogance of the privileged. They deserve no less misery than that they have caused.

Wow.  So these liberals who want freedom for all don’t think that those who are successful at what they do should be accorded the same freedoms.

You think any of them were pulling for John Edwards:

But I’m sure its only a 28,000 square feet house because he has a big family right?

Just when you think the idiocy could go no further.

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