Posted by Curt on 24 January, 2007 at 12:30 pm. 1 comment.


I watched the State Of The Union Address last night and came away impressed.  When Bush spoke about the War on Terror the look of determination on his face told me that he was not going to back down.  He was not going to lose this war on his watch and that gave me comfort.

As for the the Democrats response, Scott did a piece below which illustrates how they responded.  At first they were all lovey-dovey until Bush began on the War on Terror at which point they froze.  It was a disgusting image of partisanship while we are at war.  But I was not surprised.  We have seen this from the left for years and it will not change. 

But I take heart in the fact that under Bush’s watch we will not surrender on the War on Terror. 

What will 2008 bring tho?

Here is a video of some of my favorite moments, including the whole War on Terror passage:

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