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While Zawahiri puts out a new video full of his usual stand-up schtick that only the foolhardy and the fanatic Islam nimrod could love Michelle Malkin put out the video of those "destroyed" mosques.  You know, the ones the AP described as so:

In Hurriyah, the rampaging militiamen also burned and blew up four mosques and torched several homes in the district, Hussein said.


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Sunni residents in a volatile northwest Baghdad neighborhood claimed Friday that revenge-seeking Shiite militiamen had destroyed four Sunni mosques, burned homes and killed many people, while the Shiite-dominated police force stood by and did nothing.

And guess what?  They’re still standing!  I know, I know….shocker:

while Allah notices that Editor & Publisher and well, every single lefty blog, has ignored this news.  Another shocker there:

Today, they’ve got nothing. Nothing on the front page, no recent search results for the keywords “hurriya,” “malkin,” or “mosques,” despite the fact that it’s now been 32 hours and counting since Michelle’s column went live at the New York Post’s website and she wrote it up at her blog.

Go figure.

You’ll also be surprised to find, of the 60+ links to her blog post and the 60+ links to her Post column, not a single major nutroots blog among them.

And even better, Bryan at Hot Air takes issue with a recent Eason Jordon post in which he states Michelle has never even been to Iraq (if the shockers don’t stop coming I may have a heart attack):

Eason Jordan said what?

A better title for this post might be “Can anyone connected to the MSM read? At all? Or is getting an accurate quote, in the age of Skype and digital voice recorders, just impossible?” But that’s a pretty long title.

In the NY Observer, Eason Jordan had this to say about Michelle Malkin:

Mr. Jordan said he “took note of the fact that Michelle Malkin—who writes obsessively on Iraq, and how wonderful things are over there—had never herself been to Iraq.”

Ever since I read that quote a day or two ago, I’ve been debating whether to give Jordan both barrels or give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he could have been misquoted. And wouldn’t that have been ironic.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.  He was misquoted.   Kinda like Jamil "I’m Not" Hussein being misquoted about all those mosque’s being destroyed and those poor Sunni’s being burned alive.  Of course the man the AP says is Jamil Hussein is not really named Jamil Hussein and he denies ever talking to the AP.  But hey, whats facts got to do with anything?

And finally Bob over at Confederate Yankee on the AP’s continuing refusal to acknowledge they screwed the pooch on their reporting in Iraq:

But what is strongly suggested by Jamilgate is that the media in general, and the Associated Press in this instance, are simply unable to account for how sectarian, tribal and political biases may shape the information passed from source to reporter, from reporter to editor, and editor to publication.

It seems at readily apparent that due to the dangers of reporting in a warzone, and the language barriers that are in place, that it is very difficult for the Associated Press and other news organizations to verify the facts of stories before they are published using their current fact-checking methodologies.

They are, in many instances, apparently reduced to "faith-based reporting, " where sources who have been reliable in the past are taken at their word once they have established a certain degree of credibility. This leads us to a situation where those with biases can entrench themselves as credible sources, and then use their trusted relationship with the media to disseminate agenda-based information after that credibility has been established.

Face it, the AP will never admit that they printed a unverified and bogus story since it fits their model of what they HOPE Iraq is like.  If Iraq is just a bloody mess (which it is not) then they can claim Bush was wrong and all is right in their little world. 

But alas, their shortsightedness may come back to haunt them one day:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2007 — Mimicking the hijackers who executed the Sept. 11 attacks, insurgents reportedly tied to al Qaeda in Iraq considered using student visas to slip terrorists into the United States to orchestrate a new attack on American soil.

Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, recently testified that documents captured by coalition forces during a raid of a safe house believed to house Iraqi members of al Qaeda six months ago "revealed [AQI] was planning terrorist operations in the U.S."

[…]Sources tell ABC News that the plot may have involved moving between 10 and 20 suspects believed to be affiliated with al Qaeda in Iraq into the United States with student visas — the same method used by the 19 al Qaeda terrorists who struck American targets on Sept. 11.

[…]The plot was discovered six months ago, roughly the same time that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, was killed by coalition forces. Sources tell ABC News that the suspects involved in the effort to launch the U.S. attack were closely associated with Zarqawi.

The plan also came only months after Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s No. 2, had requested that Zarqawi attempt an attack inside the United States.

"This appears to be the first hard evidence al Qaeda in Iraq was trying to attack us here at home," said ABC News consultant Richard Clarke, former chief counterterrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council.

The plan was uncovered in its early stages, and sources say there is no indication that the suspects made it into the United States. Officials also emphasize that there is no evidence of an imminent attack.

Do you think our MSM would really care?

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