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Hey, look everybody!  Capt. Jamil Hussein has his own blog:

OK, the truth is I made up the thing with the burned bodies. Big deal! Have you never made anything up? After Bilal Hussein got arrested, the AP stringers moved down a few names in the Baghdad phone book and started calling me for stories. So I said, "Hey, dude, I don’t know anything."

But these AP guys protested and said "Your last name is Hussein! You have to know something!"

I told them that half the people in Iraq are named Hussein but they didn’t believe me.

Plus we have some great humor at Ace of Spades HQ:

Stop me if you have heard of this one before:

A Shiite, a Sunni, and a Sadrite each walk into a mosque – the mosque is destroyed by the fire of the infidel. On this point you must believe me.

I am making the funny …

What do you call six Shias and two gallons of kerosene and a match?

A good start ….

This is funny because of its truthfulness ….

Say, I as, you: What goes clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop KABOOM?

A martyr’s oxcart the moment before he experiences the joy of Allah.

Say – how many people are here from out of town?

And Bob at Confederate Yankee has just received some JMail.

Meanwhile it appears many are starting to view the news coming out of Iraq with a jaundiced eye:

But this is what we get from our MSM still to this very day:

Kathleen Carroll, AP executive editor, told E&P today that she had not read Jordan’s latest item, posted Monday, and likely would not. But she stood by the news organization’s previous statements backing the existence of an Iraqi police captain, Jamail Hussein.

"I’ve been pretty public about what we have done to get to the crux of the criticism we have gotten about it," she added. When asked about critics’ demands that AP produce Hussein to prove his existence, she said "that area [where he works] has pretty much been ethnically cleansed, it is a nasty place and continues to be."

Carroll said that Hussein "is a guy we’ve talked to for years," adding that "we don’t have anything new to say about it, nothing new to add."

Linda Wagner, AP’s director of media relations and public affairs, said she had just seen Jordan’s post, but did not expect to have more to say about it. She said "it would be highly unusual for any news organization to provide sources on the demands of critics."

Keep digging that hole Linda….I really don’t think you will like where this is going to end for the AP.

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