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Recall when Kofi Annan said these words a few years ago:

"I have long made it clear that my attitude to sexual exploitation and abuse is one of zero tolerance, without exception, and I am determined to implement this policy in the most transparent manner," Annan said.

Two years later and with Kofi retired with his millions we get this:

The Daily Telegraph of London reported on Tuesday that U.N. peacekeepers and civilian staff were raping and abusing children as young as 12 in southern Sudan.
The newspaper, in a story posted on its Web site, said it had gathered accounts from more than 20 young victims in the town of Juba of U.N. civilian and peacekeeping staff forcing them to have sex.

[…]The newspaper said Sudan’s government had gathered evidence including video footage of U.N. workers having sex with young girls. But the United Nations has yet to publicly acknowledge there was a problem or even investigate, the newspaper said.

Just one more example of the inept and corrupt leadership of one Kofi Annan.  Time and time again, whenever the UN was called upon to go save the poor and suffering, to maintain order and bring peace to the world they have done nothing but rape, pillage and destroy everything in its way as Kofi and family got rich.  How much will Ban Ki-moon retire with you think?

But then again raping children isn’t something to get worked up about right?  Now if someone were forced to wear panties on their heads then you damn well better be prepared for a onslaught of criticism.

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