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Another day, another case of the MSM missing a good story coming from Iraq:

Several Iraqi children, playing outside a gate near FOB Marez, noticed a suspicious device Dec. 22 and alerted a nearby patrol from 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment.
Upon investigating, Soldiers from 2-7 Cav. determined it was an improvised explosive device and called for the explosive ordinance disposal team, who arrived on the scene and destroyed the device.

The children who pointed out the device received gifts from the 2-7 Scouts that same day, and were further rewarded the next day when 4th Brigade Combat Team Civil Affairs Soldiers visited them with more toys, candy, and soccer balls.  

During conversations with the children, Coalition interpreters applauded the children’s courage, and stressed that if they find any more potential IEDs, that they should stay away from them, and notify Coalition Forces or Iraqi Army Forces manning the checkpoints outside the gate.

Which also gives me an excuse to put up one of my favorite videos:

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