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Can Cindy Sheehan get anymore nuttier? (tip from Patrick Dollard)

Gerald Ford, our 38th and first ever un-elected President is dead.

[…]Usually, burying a 93 year old loved one is sorrowful but, I believe his pardon of Richard Nixon is one of the factors that have led to the untimely deaths of over 3000 American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East.

What’s her insane reasoning for this?

but since Nixon got away with his blatant crimes and every President since Nixon has skated away from office after having committed overt and covert crimes, we have on our hands, here, a situation that I am forced now to call: "Bloody George."

Because Nixon was pardoned this caused a chain effect of lawless Presidents that ultimately led to George Bush taking the war to the terrorists and taking down a tyrant who should of been taken down long before.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Blame Bush!  Blame Ford!  They secretly sat around the fireplace smoking pipes as they hatched a plan that 30 years later would ensure the victory of someone who would invade Iraq.

Man o’ man is this lady nuts or what?

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