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By Robert Farrow
The World need not be this way.
On a foggy day at the end of August, a General surveyed the battlefield in front of him. At least 400 enemy ships lay anchored in the harbor as the best military force in the world prepared to deliver a knockout blow to his front. His outnumbered army was in danger of being cut off and destroyed as enemy frigates moved up the river to cut off his retreat and the opposing army prepared for the final assault on his position. In what was undoubtedly the understatement of the year, George Washington declared to his superiors.  “ I have no doubt but a little time will produce some important event.”
America’s Dunkirk
The dream of the American Revolution almost died stillborn in 1776. In fact, the American Revolution could have ended in failure so many times in so many ways that is almost an argument for divine providence. In every year of the struggle there are countless ways the American rebels could have and perhaps should have lost. In this case, a fierce and cold gale kept the British ships from going upriver in the tide and cutting off their escape. And Washington was persuaded by subordinates to retreat on the one night they could retreat, thus the revolution lived to fight another day.

I love counterfactual history popularized by the What If series. As if through a looking glass, the what if’s gives me an opportunity to possibly see what the world might have been like. An interesting example is how the 1918 assassination of a unloved nobody named archduke Ferdinand led to two world wars, the slaughter of maybe a hundred million, ended colonialism and started communism. One small event can have endless influence on the shape of the world today. However, one question the What If series did not ask is what would the shape of the world be if America had not won her independence.  
A Liberal’s Dream  

"In much of the world the U.S. is regarded as a leading terrorist state."
Noam Chomsky

You have seen the signs and banners. “Bush is more dangerous then Bin Laden.” “The US is a terrorist state.” I have seen more then one poll where groups of simple clods have named America the biggest threat to world peace. And for those who think this anger is all about Bush, then please remember these are some of the same twits who protested Reagan’s military buildup as he helped bring down the USSR and also protested SDI that is currently our only shield (in it’s simple form) from North Korea extortion. Simply, they will protest anything that does not resemble appeasement and defeat. Nor are the protesters a new chapter to America’s history. Cindy Sheehan’s pathetic existence is only one in a long line of traitors, from Vallandigham, (a pro-south Copperhead) to Charles Lindbergh, a former aviation hero.
So, what would have happened if the worst of the leftists got their wish and America became an impotent shell of itself, no longer a superpower and unable to make an influence in world history, or had just never existed at all? What would the world look like if Washington had lost, like he should have, and America had remained little more then a British colony. So for all those who hate America, let’s examine Chomsky’s world, a world without America, as we know it.  (By the way, Noam Chomsky is the same ass who visited Lebanon to support Hezbollah and Chomsky also wrote the foreword to a French book denying the Holocaust.)
A World without America.
Even if we had lost the Revolutionary War it is unlikely America would have remained a colony forever, but it is also unlikely America, as a British colony, would have expanded past the Mississippi. America would have been truncated, and played little part in the history of the world. And without an expansion into the Pacific, we would have never been involved in Hawaii and the Philippines, and thus no Pearl Harbor, making a struggle against both Germany and Japan unlikely, and assures a world dominated either by National Socialism or Communism. Even before that, without America the Kaiser’s armies would rule both Europe and a good chunk of Asia, for it was the American Doughboys that stopped the Kaisers 1918 drive on Paris and turned the tide of the war. (In this case, the fall of colonialism might have been reversed, as Germany was late in getting in the game and wanted to make up for lost time and would have likely taken control of lost colonial territories.) 

But the consequences for a 1918 loss pales in comparison to a 1945 allied defeat. To repeat, a 1945 defeat would leave both Europe and Asia in the hands of national socialists or communist.  I don’t see one as much better then the other, as both produced rather large genocides. This would be a bitter pill to swallow and would promise a world much darker and more ruthless then any Orwellian novel. Unlike what one might perceive from the media, both Mao and Stalin were worse mass murderers then the much-demonized Hitler, but that does not stop many in the left from embracing socialism and communism. It is in fact this embrace that leads to these far worse genocides being largely ignored by our so-called intellectual community and media.
In the cold war, to the aggravation of the liberals, only American might held back the red tide. Now America once again takes the lead as she fights the third invasion by Islam. But as before, the protesters are back, ignoring the lessons of history that appeasing aggression only leads to new aggression and that the price of peace can often be heavier then the price of war. (for as a friend said, Peace at any price cost everything) Almost every major country that hates us owes us big time. Even Korea, who regularly burns our effigies on both sides of the border, might still be in Japanese slavery and definitely in Stalinist slavery if it was not for us. And they are not alone, as countries like France protest us instead of the groups that promote honor-killings, religious conversion by force, terrorism, and the oppression of  women’s rights. I wonder if the men who died on the beaches of France would feel if they knew just how America hating that sad excuse of a country would become. I am not surprised at France, who apparently has not had a real man born there since Napoleon, and is as useful as an accordion in a war. But sadly other countries today are no better then France and regularly protest the country that has protected their freedom time and time again. (And for those French lovers out there, I have not forgotten that it was Vichy France who shot at us in WWII before they shot with us, as I have not forgotten that most of the Muslims were allied with the jew-killing, genocidal Nazi’s in WWII. Well, at least the Muslims are consistent. )
A Different World.
“You did not expect to get the truth out of us?”
Adolf Baumker, Chief of Research for the Luftwaffe
“Yes, I did”
Charles Lindbergh
Throughout recent history America has played a crucial part in every war against foes of Democracy. It must be noted that in every one of these wars there were protests against the actions of the United States. Even the “good war”, WWII , has it’s protester, including aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, journalist John Flynn, Alice Roosevelt, former war hero Eddie Rickenbacker, a popular soon to be governor, a future president of Yale, a popular novelist and a popular actress. Like today, the protesters were supported by some groups that were really just fronts for Communist movements. Many, including Lindbergh himself, blamed the war on jews. At their peak, they had almost a million members.  Sound familiar? Called America First, this group and their actions hurt their country more then America’s military un-preparedness did. Unlike today, this group, as they should have been, was crucified by the press of the day. It is interesting to note how some of the same arguments used against the war today were used to argue against America’s involvement in WWII. It is also interesting to note that in most of the wars we were not attacked, but the attacker. Germany did not attack America proper in WWI, or in WWII, but we declared war on them anyway. Nor did Italy attack us. Neither did North Korea, etc. But a failure to do so, to not be the attacker in many of these wars would have made a world unlikely to be friendly to Democracy or a world where we have the freedoms that we enjoy now.

But that does not stop the Jane Fonda’s or Sean Penn’s of the world from visiting countries to support dictators who oppresses their people, deprives them basic fundamental rights and kills millions. Only in a Democracy can fools protest the policies of a country that gives them rights in support of enemies that would seek to deprive them of these same rights in a heartbeat. In a Darwinian world these simpletons would quickly be extinct. And that is the danger, as the rise and falls of nations and cultures still operates on Darwinian principles. If the world was only a bit off, if there was not fog on that day in 1776, if Captain Ferguson had pulled the trigger, if we failed at Trenton or the Cowpens, then the world might not be safe for a Democracy and the people who founded ANSWER might be working in a gulag instead of marching on our city streets disrupting traffic. Like a Doctor Who episode, little changes can have big influences. The World need not be this way.
But now there is a new struggle, as severe as 1914 when the lights went out over Europe or when Democracy hung by a thread  in 1941, and again America is called on to lead. Whether or not Bush is wrong in his practices in fighting the war on terror, he is at least right on principle, which still makes him better then most Democrats. Democracies will breed peace, and appeasement breeds war. (ask Neville, buddy) Providing Muslims with alternatives in their society and giving them something to work for besides martyrdom is the only way you will get them to stop blowing themselves up. As it did in the past, only America seems to have the backbone to lead western civilization through this new struggle. Like it or not, America is simply the most important country in the 20th century. Without her existence, our planet today would be quite different then we now know. Democracy might not exist, or would exist only in small oasis surrounded by deserts of oppression. And perhaps soon the same might be said of Christianity, if the road of appeasement against the new threat from the east is still to be trodden.  And the fools who regularly protest American policies would do well to realize that the freedoms they are currently enjoying to protest their government would seem unlikely to exist if America herself did not exist.
This is a world without America.

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