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It seems my new favorite Hollywood celeb,Danny Bonaduce, is receiving death threats. He used to be co-host on a show called The Other Half, along with Dick Clarke, Dr. Jan Adams, and Mario Lopez. It was the daytime male equivalent to The View. The latter program really should become my new "favorite" show [/sarcasm]; considering how often Rosie and company stick their collective foot in their mouths and say the dumbest things, as exemplified by this and this. In case you missed it, Rosie had this to say recently. Now, the "ching-chong" remark, in and of itself, is not offensive to me (to those who haven’t heard: "wordsmith" is *gasp* an Asian!); but what makes me derisive of Rosie is how she champions herself as the self-appointed PC-police. Remember how she read bigotry into Kelly Ripa’s action? And my favorite example of Rosie’s liberal hypocrisy:

Cokie Roberts on ABC News asked O’Donnell her opinion on concealed-carry laws, which permit citizens to pack firearms in self-defense. "There is some evidence that those laws do reduce crime. But you would be against them?" asked Roberts.

"Of course I’m against them…," O’Donnell responded. This is not the wild west." O’Donnell argued that such laws do more harm than good."

Only days after the march, however, a stunned public learned of a hidden side to O’Donnell’s stand on guns. While she denounces the carrying of firearms for the general public, she apparently thinks it’s okay when the safety of her own family is at stake. On March 25, the Associated Press reported that the full-time bodyguard assigned to accompany O’Donnell’s four-year-old son to kindergarten had applied for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Source: Richard Poe‘s The Seven Myths of Gun Control.

(One of my favorite lines, btw:  "Guns kill people the way spoons make Rosie O’Donnell fat.")

 So anyway, this past Monday we get the following from Joy Behar of The View:


One thing she did get right: Donald Rumsfeld deserves recognition.

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