Posted by Curt on 19 December, 2006 at 9:09 am. 8 comments already!

I’m sure by now you have seen the video I put up on Saturday night of Danny Bonaduce giving it to one of the truther idiots: (h/t Screw Loose Change)

Well now it appears he is getting death threats from those same folks. This is from the Loose Change forum:

People are now sending danny, and his daughter death threats and well…He is well Conner just posted…

Ok, folks…some clowns have been posting stuff on Danny Bonaduce’s 12 year old daughter’s page, and on his wife’s page which is completely unacceptable. and he told me THAT SOME PEOPLE SENT HIM DEATH THREATS, AND SENT THEM TO HIS 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! this is not only unaceptable, it is stupid and illegal. LEAVE THEM ALONE. I understand some of your thoughts about danny, but by bringing his family into this is wrong. Danny has family who are in Iraq, and his brother, or brother in law got shot over there, so this is a sensitve subject.

I also just got an email from Danny’s wife….they are pretty torn up over this…so chill out. no more posting stuff on his page…9/11 truth has his attention…so let me deal with this.

You gotta love the liberals and the truthers, if they can’t get you to believe in what they believe in then they threaten your lives and family ala Debbie Frisch.

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