Posted by Curt on 16 December, 2006 at 3:05 pm. 9 comments already!

I have been receiving email lately asking if Michelle and I are indeed going to Iraq so I figured I would post a bit about it.  As my regular readers know I have a day job.  I am a police officer in Southern California and as anyone else who is employed by the Government understands I have to go up my chain of command to get time off.  Once I get the exact dates of the trip I can then go to my brass and ask for the days off.  After that it’s out of my hands. 

As you can imagine the lefties are taking our silence as a sign of backing out from the trip.  No matter, since their opinions mean little to me nor should they matter much to anyone in this country quite frankly.   But do you really think we would post "we will be going to Iraq this Friday" for example?  Why would Michelle, a high profile target, announce when she will be landing in Iraq?  The ignorance from the left never ceases to amaze me.

Whether I go or not means nothing, I am a small part-time blogger whose only part In all of this is that I discovered the fraud known as Jamil Hussein.  My main reason for going is to meet the troops, do some positive stories from the scene, and back-up Michelle.  I would demand that I be allowed to go armed seeing that I am a police officer and a former Marine. 

If my department wont give me the few weeks off then it matters not.  Michelle is the professional here and I am sure she will do an outstanding job of fending off any media stunt Eason has planned.  And be assured, this is one big media stunt here.