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Jules Crittenden writes a great post about Eason Jordon and his new site "IraqSlogger".  He somehow was able to get a audio tape of their planning mission to find Jamil Hussein:

EJ Team Leader: OK Team, we all know the drill. Jamil Hussein. Find him. Everybody got that? Let’s go.

EJ2: Sir, I was thinking. Shouldn’t we have a cool name or something? I mean, if we’re going to find this guy and be on TV and everything?

EJ Team Leader: We have a name. It’s IraqSlogger.

EJ2: Yes sir, that’s the Website’s name. Non-partisan, yet evocative. The slogging. Iraq. … I’m just wondering if we might not want another name for the team that isn’t quite so … sloggy. Seeing as we have all this body armor and helmets and microphones and boots and stuff, and we’ll be running around a bit.

EJ Team Leader: That’s the kind of thinking I like. Ideas?

EJ2: I was thinking something dynamic like, "The EJectors." You know, because its going to be like we "EJected" Jamil Hussein. It has an "E" and a "J." Get it? Then, for the next episode, we can "EJect" something else.

EJ Team Leader: Hmmmm. "The IraqSlogger EJectors." That has a definite ring to it. The "E," the "J." Very results oriented. Good work, EJ2. Can we get some graphics?

You think Eason will force Michelle and I to wear a EJectors jacket when we get to Iraq?

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