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First we had the terrorists helping and meeting with Democrats, now we have the European Socialists falling all over themselves to support them also:

European Socialists promised on Thursday to work to rebuild Europe’s strategic alliance with the United States now that the Democrats control Congress after last month’s elections.

Socialist leaders attending a meeting of the European Socialist Party pledged that with the Democrats on the rise, strong ties could be renewed with the United States after years of cool relations with Republican President George W. Bush.

Howard Dean, chairman of the national committee of the U.S. Democratic Party, is attending the two-day conference together with the leaders of leftist governments of several countries and party leaders from across Europe.

"We are not anti-American, we want the real America, your America," former Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the European Socialist Party, said in remarks directed at Dean.

So lets count them.  Who backs the Democrats?


And they are proud of this?

Real Americans should be horrified that a political party of this nation is being backed by these Socialists.  Backed by those who want our military turned over to the UN, our wealth taken away from those who earned it and given to those who don’t deserve it like Kofi and crew, and blindly wait with open arms for Islamists who have stated the destruction of the country is their goal.  All the while they willingly call for an end to Israel….all in the name of peace.

They want the "real" America while the Democrats wants a European America.  Rangel, Pelosi, Obama, and Kennedy all want German style Socialist welfare while their choices for the Supreme Court use international law to rule on American Constitutional issues. 

And this is what was voted into a majority position…..

Bad times my friends, bad times.

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