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Jay Tea at Wizbang has a must read post out in response to Michael Moore’s lastest missive in which he tried to compare Iraq to WWII:

Mr. Moore here (along with the rest of those making the World War II comparison) betrays his utter ignorance of history here. The US involvement in World War II did, indeed last 1,347 days, counting from the attack on Pearl Harbor until the surrender of Japan — but that was the actual war-fighting. The “major combat operations.” Because we were fighting three modern, industrialized, militarized nations, we had to crush each of them utterly. Italy fell when its own people turned on their fascist masters. Germany had to be almost literally bombed back to the stone age, then invaded and nearly every inch conquered. And Japan was bracing for a similar fate when they noticed that two of their cities had put up “gone fission” signs, and we were promising to continue doing that to more cities.

A truer comparison would be from the date of the US invasion (March 20, 2003) to the fall of Baghdad and the collapse of the Baathist government (April 9) — three weeks.

Now, of course, Mr. Moore is conflating the major combat parts with the occupation and rebuilding. Since he brought up World War II, let’s take a look at that.

Germany remained under Allied control until 1949, when the Western powers ceded their districts to the Federal Republic of Germany and the Soviets created their puppet regime of the German Democratic Republic. This partitioning remained until 1990, when the German people finally took their fate back into their own hands — and got away with it, because the Soviets were far too busy worrying about their own rapidly-dissolving totalitarian regime. That brings the total time of “war and occupation” to about 49 years, give or take a few months.

Unless, of course, you count “occupation” as “having US forces still present.” In which case, we come up to the present day.

In Japan, the official occupation lasted until 1952 — ten years and change after Pearl Harbor. And as in Germany, US forces are still present, so it can be argued that we are still stuck in the “quagmire” of World War II.

That is just a small snapshot of his in-depth analysis of Moore’s ineptitude.

And Yes, Moore once again compares the terrorists to our Founding Fathers.

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