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Now this is some funny stuff:

Meanwhile the left is gearing up to hang him high:

Though he is now the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld is expected to be accused of war crimes in a lawsuit to be filed next week in Germany.

The Center for Constitutional Rights will file the suit on behalf of a group of Iraqi detainees as well as the so-called 20th hijacker, who is currently being held at Guantanamo Bay.

“The former secretary actually authorized a series of interrogation techniques,” said Michael Ratner, President of CCR. “They included the use of dogs, stripping, hooding, stressed positions, chaining to the floor, sexual humiliation and those types of activities.”

Those techniques, he says, amount to torture and violate the Geneva Conventions. Ratner will be traveling to Berlin next week and plans to file the suit on Tuesday.

What friggin idiots.

I’m afraid we will see more of this kind of foolishness in the future thanks to the Republican defeat. I mean this same group brought the same kind of suit against Rumsfeld two years ago but were thrown out of court because none of it was tied to Germany. Think things will be different now?

Meanwhile the Democrats are going to try out their new strategy for victory in Iraq….oh, did I say victory? I meant defeat:

Emboldened by their congressional election triumph and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld�s resignation, Democrats say they will use their new clout to force a change in Iraq policy and demand that President Bush start bringing troops home.

Looks like they are putting Pelosi’s plan into action to win the war, er…problem, in Iraq.

Hopefully Bush tells them “bite me!”.


I remember when the MSM wanted Newt’s head for being such an extremist…how do you explain this view:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi plans to sideline colleagues who are hawkish on national security in the Democratic leadership in the House.

Democratic Party sources said as House Speaker, Ms. Pelosi plans to block moves that would place hawks into important chairmanships. The sources said a key casualty would be Rep. Jane Harman, a six-term member of Congress who has cooperated with Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

“Nancy Pelosi wants total party discipline,” a source in the Democratic Party leadership said. “If you played ball with the Republicans during this session, then you’re not going to be given an important chair in the next session.”

And the lack of MSM bile thrown her way?

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