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Apparently David Kuo has a blog, and is encouraging Christians to go out and vote.

Michael Medved’s interview with David Kuo is nothing like the CBS anti-Republican agenda-driven 60 Minutes piece, that made David Kuo look like he has “turned against President Bush”. Hyped as an insider’s expose on the Bush White House, 60 Minutes focused on only the portion of his book that suited their pre-Election agenda, claiming evangelicals are only being used as political pawns, and are derided by Republicans in the White House. Their goal is to encourage the Christian “values voters” to sit this one out. But when questioned by Michael Medved about whether or not Kuo wants to see Democrats seize control of Congress, Kuo is taken aback. He sounds baffled at the whirlwind of politicization that had surrounded his book. It seems his intention was to write something deeply personal, and meaningful, regarding his faith and his disillusionment with the political process…and in turn, became a victim of it; a tool of the left.

Kuo speaks passionately and glowingly of Rick Santorum and President Bush as good men who truly are sincere Christians. He also said he’s never heard President Bush say anything bad about religious leaders.

I don’t think there’s any question that Republicans value the power of the Christian vote; Democrats would just as well love appealing to religious Christians; but aligned with secularists and groups like the ACLU, it’s not exactly a marriage made in heaven for either side. But you still have Democrats trying not to alienate the Christian voters- and it’s all about using them for political gain, from John Kerry bragging about how he was an altar boy during 2004, to Hillary Clinton wearing a tiny cross around her neck and her husband speaking at more churches than President Bush.

Both sides do this: catering and pandering to their constituents, whether it be the religious vote, the black vote, the prison vote, the special interest vote, the trial lawyer vote, the union vote, the illegal immigrant vote, blah, blah, blah.

The idea of Christian leaders being mocked by the Bush White House is nothing unique to the White House in general. Everybody in Washington politics gets mocked. No doubt Bush supporters within his own Administration mock certain things about the President, as did Clintonistas within the Clinton White House. It’s hardly a revelation.

Hat tip: Physics Greek Jesus Freak.

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