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Below is a Saddam Document which shows that on the eve of the Iraqi war Saddam was actively looking for foreign terrorists to come in and help fight us. Kinda dampens the mentality on the left that the war itself bred terrorism, since Saddam was actually importing them:

Document CMPC-2003-015588.pdf which is dated March/25/2003 talks about a meeting between Iraqi Officials in Damascus and the leaders of the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) a terrorist group lead by Ahmad Gibril. The Palestinians pledged 500 fighters including groups that they call “Istish’Hadeyea” which means “Suicide Martyrdom” i.e. “Suicide Terrorists” to come to Iraq and fight the US lead collation troop. The group also included terrorists who are IED experts and car bombs experts. These hundreds of Palestinians terrorists were to go to Iraq through Syria. The Iraqis approved this Palestinians offer, and in handwritten note over the typed memo; “Taha Yassin Ramadan who is Saddam Chief Deputy” not only approved it but he wanted to know the time of arrival of these terrorists and where to meet them on the Syrian/Iraqi borders so they can send the vehicles to pick them up. What is also interesting in the memo is that the PLF was working with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Palestinian Organizations to increase the suicide operations they call it “Feedaeya” inside Israel so it will coincide with the war against the coalition troops.

This is another document which proves that it was Saddam Hussein who brought the “Foreign Terrorists” to Iraq, those terrorists that have caused so much death and destruction to the Iraqi people and Iraqi infrastructures and they are still doing it until now. Other documents that have been translated and posted here on FR talk about the Iraqi training the “Foreign Terrorists” and a Saddam memo to treat them as equally as the Iraqi Special Forces.

Beginning of translation of document CMPC-2003-015588.pdf

The Embassy of Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria. Interest Section of the Republic of Iraq


Number: 1/110

Date: 25/3/2003

Secret and Confidential and Immediate

Foreign Ministry/ The Arabic Department

Subject: Meeting

This mornining of 25/3/2003, Mr. Khlaed Ahmad Gibril and Dr. Talal Naji the Deputy of the General Secretary of the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine (General Headquarters) visited our mission and met our Ambassador the chairman of the mission and the delegation indicated it solidarity and support to Iraq.

Mr. Khaled Ahmad Gibril and Dr. Talal Naji said that there is coordination going on with the organizations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian organizations to escalate the suicide operations in the inside and that is timed with the resistance of the Iraqi people.

Mr. Khaled Ahmad Gibril and Dr. Talal Naji informed us that the Front decided to send forces to Iraq to fight to the side of the Iraqi people and in the locations chosen by the Iraqi leadership, and preferably to be in cities. And the groups that will be sent are elite units and have experience in cities warfare and that thess forces will be made of 500 fighters and it will arrive Iraq in groups and as follow:

1. The first unit: It will be composed of 100 fighters and will arrive in three days with its complete machines and equipments, and each platoon from these platoons is made of an air defense anti-aircraft group and equipped with 23 mm Strella machine guns.

2. The second unit: it will be made of anti-tank with SPG-9 launchers and a military engineering group to plant improvised bombs that are remotely guided and car bombs and it include Suicide Martyrs groups and each platoon of these platoons has these weapons.

3. The third Unit: The fire support unit and made of multi rocket launchers 107 and include Suicide Martyrdom elements and fighting elements and also has a guiding unit.

The Front ask that these forces enter from the North of Abou Kamal area, and these forces do not need anything since it has enough weapons and ammunitions and it only need fuel.

The delegation said that they go the initial approval by the Syrian side to send these forces to Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the delegation expressed its amazement of the administration of the battle from all its political, media, military, and economic sides, and they are optimistic of the certainty of victory God willing.

Please let us know quickly and give us directions, with regards


Mohamad Rifaa’t Ali Al AA’NI

The Chairman of the Mission


Now the handwritten notes from Taha Yassin Ramadan Saddam Chief Deputy

To the Respected Mr. Foreign Minister


Yes we approve their coming with all appreciation to this position. And let the ambassador inform us about the time of arrival of each unit and the area of entry so we can send the vehicles to transport them.



Taha Yassin Ramadan

Terrorists from all over the region were imported into Iraq or came on their own, and this is where they have met their demise as we have been destroying them one by one. It’s no coincidence that we have not been attacked in over 5 years, Iraq is the front in this war on terror. The very same front that the Democrats want to run from.

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