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Went purusing the cesspool called Democratic Underground and found a few posts that I thought would share:

This one displays the ME first attitude lefties display day in and day out:

lonestarnot (1000+ posts) Fri Oct-13-06 11:02 PM
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Just called the cops in protest of richies and their fireworks.

They had a permit, but I made it clear to the cops that it was disturbing both to me and my dogs and cats. Sounded like war, and I didn’t like it. Hmmmmf. Fuck a bunch of fireworks! I think I’ll file a complaint with the City. It’s not 4th of July. And I’m crotchety tonight. Teehee.

Screw those kids, those widdle bastards! Who cares if they had a permit, if it disturbs me then it should not be allowed.

Quixote1818 (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-14-06 01:09 AM
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It took 6 years for the dow to get back to Clinton’s high. Pathetic!

I am so sick of hearing how the Dow is at a “record high” and this being spun as proof that our economy is “on fire”. Bull Shit! We basically treaded water for six years just to get back to what the dow was at under Clinton. That is a pathetic performance!

No mention of the tech bubble burst or 9/11…surprised?

Here is another example of Bushitler the all knowing reason for anything that goes wrong:

madokie (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-14-06 10:21 PM
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I have DSL service from a local phone company

I’m paying 39.95 a month for 512 kbps. the last 4 or 5 weeks the speed in the evening slows to less than 100 kbps. Its like it is an overcrowded connection because it works fine from midnight or so until the next afternoon about the time school lets out. What I would like to know is what can I do about it, I can get dialup from another company but it is only 56 kbps which is painfully slow. Aren’t the service providers required by law to provide a certain level of performance or am I on my own? this company offers dialup and dsl of 384, 512 and 768 kbps. I would appreciate it if someone could shine a little light on this for me.

Just a lefty looking for some help….and help they received:

TahitiNut (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-14-06 10:36 PM
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7. Welcome to the GOP world of oversold.

The world of deregulation … the world of “free trade” (the choice of ‘take it’ or ‘leave it’) … the world where such deliberately oversold bandwidth can only be fought by a class action suit with little remaining chance of succeeding (federal courts only, now, right?), even if the ‘customers’ could find a deep-pocketed law firm to take the case.

Damn them Repubs….slowing down the internet.

Now this one is one true drama queen:

catnhatnh (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-14-06 09:52 PM
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“Shoot me first, please….”

So pled a simple Amish girl in a one room schoolhouse, when faced with vicious insanity.Facing her was a vile predator who decided that half of those on earth, the females, deserved his special brand of perdition. I so ask my government now….I am a Democrat and proudly so-part of that half of the electorate you hate.If it is your implacable plan to negate half of your citizens, please start with me. Lord knows I ‘ve done enough to be your enemy, I have educated myself to your actions and speak of them publicly and often. Though I would never advocate violence in politics, if your leader met his demise no form of this could fail to please me.You have shown your hate towards my ideals, and I refuse to mask my disdain towards your’s….So please shoot me first, of jail me in your hidden camps. You ARE a vile predator, and I would much rather stand with your victims, than with your supporters….

You know, how disgusting and vile is this person in equating the courage of a little girl who offered herself to spare her friends and sister to a political party? Amazing.

Ok, last but not least is this ignorant post in which the Dummie believes Democrats will do more to end abortion:

berni_mccoy (1000+ posts) Sun Oct-15-06 10:34 AM
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Want to End Abortion? Vote Democratic!

Abortion Statistics Not Tracked During the Bush Administration

It’s plain to anyone who searches for abortion statistics that the federal government stopped tracking this information in 2001. There is only one reason for the Bush Administration not to track this data: they won’t like the answer, or better yet, their voters and political base won’t like the answer.

The plain and simple fact is that abortion rates rise among the poor. And it makes sense. A woman living in poverty can barely feed herself, can’t get medical coverage and can’t afford doctor visits and hospitals.

The vast majority of abortions, especially among the poor are, are with girls 19 years and younger. And to the cause of an unwanted pregnancy? Lack of education, lack of access to birth control, those that would take advantage of a poor, young woman, and other causes that come about from living in poverty. What these poor woman do (still) have access to is free abortions. That is the only real option they perceive given their economic situation.

The plain and simple truth is that as poverty was on the decline during the Clinton Administration, so too was abortion. As we see in the chart below, abortion was on decline when our economy was booming, poverty was declining, and a pro-choice Democratic President was in charge.

And if the anti-choice voters could see where abortion really is today, they would see it was in a steep climb, despite all the empty rhetoric from the administration and republican congressmen. The fact is there are over 7 million more people in poverty today than when Bush took office.

If there were fewer people in poverty, they had access to free medical care, and we actually did something to educate our population, then abortion would drop to levels never before seen in this country. And there is only one way to get there and it isn’t through creating unenforceable laws that punish the poor. It’s by initiating Democratically sponsored programs that will return us to the days of economic success, offer the state-of-the-art medical care to all, for free, and help the education system achieve its goals, not punish them when they are without the means to achieve them. If the anti-choicers, anti-abortionists or, as they like to call themselves, pro-lifers, really want to put an end to abortion, it will be through electing a Democratic Congress. And if they insist on calling themselves pro-lifers, they’ll get one additional point of karma for doing so: they’ll elect a Congress that won’t allow Bush to go on murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, thousands of U.S. soldiers and that will put an end to the inhumane torture of prisoners.

So lets get this straight. Even though the economy is rocketing skyhigh, the lefties believe poverty is increasing and because of that abortions are increasing but Bush isn’t counting them anymore so vote Democrat! Because they love their unborn babies!



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