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So we have Nancy Pelosi sputtering idiotic comments like so:

“We want to know why the Republicans chose to protect Mark Foley’s political career rather than protect the children who were in our charge.”

But no word from her about her Democratic brethren who kept the emails a secret for oh, say, months!

But there are indications that Democrats spent months circulating five less insidious Foley e-mails to news organizations before they were finally published by ABC News late last month, which prompted the leaking of the more salacious instant messages. Harper’s Magazine said yesterday that it obtained the five e-mails from a Democratic Party operative, albeit in May, long before the election season.

Oh my! But what about the children Nancy?

Come on!

Listen, there has been no evidence submitted that Foley EVER had sex with an underage male. Unlike some Democrats in the past, cough Studds cough.

While the fact that he went after 18 year old men is creepy, just as it would be if he was going after 18 year old women, the fact of the matter is that he broke no law, cough Jefferson cough. He did the right thing by resigning immediately, cough Jefferson cough…..sorry, getting a cold I gather.

But all this story boils down to is a 50+ year old gay male having a thing for young MEN.

I’ll say it again, creepy and deserving of losing his job, but this story does not deserve to be highlighted over the fact that a Congressmen is under investigation on actual CRIMINAL charges and was found with bribe money in his freezer:

Agents told a judge the money was part of a $100,000 payment that had been delivered by an informant in the bribery probe, which already has led to guilty pleas by a Kentucky businessman and a former Jefferson aide.

The Justice Department has been investigating Jefferson’s relationship to telecommunications deals in Africa and elsewhere, and the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation of him last week.

So what the flying hell is the big story with this thing? That he’s gay? Are Democrats that desperate that they will go after homosexuals now? Is it the trumped up charge that there was a conspiracy? If so, they will be sorely disappointed judging by the WaPo’s article. I mean if the WaPo, known for being waaaayyyy biased to the left, takes swings at the Democrats then look out.

tears into the WaPo article here:

By my count that makes 2 Democrat operatives peddling this story, and not notifying authorities who could take action to protect the Pages. But the WaPo has to admit their source was intent on harming Reps – so why did they not report this fact sooner?

[…]What other evidence do we need other than the admissions by Harpers and the WaPo that they dealt with democrat operatives and used democrat sources bent on impacting the coming elections?

And then he goes to town with his analysis of the emails which appears more and more to be coming back to bite CREW on the ass.

Either way you look at it, if your being honest, this was a concerted effort by Democrats to effect the upcoming election. The MSM is helping all they can by keeping this story front and center. But as the days go by even the most biased reporter can’t help but admit that there was a definate agenda being pushed…..and it wasn’t “protecting the kids”

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