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While the Democrats continue to pound on Foley for having sex with adult males we have this news:

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – A U.S. congressman from Louisiana, under investigation by the FBI after they found $90,000 in cash in his freezer, was endorsed by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Saturday and vowed that allegations of bribery would not hurt his re-election campaign.

Nagin, who an won an uphill re-election bid in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans last spring, told reporters he was returning a favor by endorsing Jefferson.

“He was one of the few elected officials that supported me during the mayor’s race, and I told him that if he needed my support, I would reciprocate,” Nagin said. “Until he’s indicted, I think we ought to presume he’s innocent until proven guilty.”

Lucky for Jefferson he wasn’t caught sending friendly emails to a young page huh? Or nasty emails to a young man…..then he would REALLY be done.

But the big question here is if anyone has checked Nagin’s freezer?

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