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A group of Arizona 9/11 families have now come together and formed a non-profit group called Arizona Honors 9/11 to raise money to pay for a new memorial:

A group of Arizona families who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks want Gov. Janet Napolitano to call a special legislative session to change the Arizona 9/11 Memorial.

Many of them on Monday formed a non-profit group, Arizona Honors 9/11, with plans to raise money to pay to revise the monument on their own. They also are requesting Napolitano to replace the current Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission.

“In a state where there are so many active and retired military (personnel), tell me how a phrase like ‘Erroneous U.S. airstrike kills 46 Uruzgan civilians’ is honorable,” said Michael McAvoy, referring to one of the 54 etchings on the monument. McAvoy’s brother, John, and a friend died in the World Trade Towers during the attack.

The privately funded memorial, located on the Capitol Mall, was the result of nearly four years of planning and hearings that sought input from the public. Len Munsil, Republican candidate for governor, said last week that if elected, he would tear the structure down because of messages he considers objectionable.

A spokeswoman for Napolitano said Monday that the governor doesn’t plan to call a special session to consider changing the memorial.

“Calling a special session over this issue would do nothing but take what’s already become a political circus and make it worse,” said spokeswoman Jeanine L’Ecuyer.

This thing needs to be dismantled brick by brick.

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