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I have had my reservations about Billy Shields, the Arizona firefighter turned moonbat Chairman of the Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission, with his recent feigned “outrage” that people are even questioning this disgrace of a memorial.

Billy Shields, a Phoenix firefighters union leader who headed the commission, said the inscriptions were historically accurate and reflected at least some Arizonans’ views. The criticism itself was tardy and troubling, he said.

“The families are having a tough time dealing with this attack on the memorial,” Shields said.

Now Ace at Ace of Spades HQ found this new interview where Billy Shields says the following:

Q: Were the criticisms that have just come to light in the past week or so simply not out there three years ago, when you were planning?

A: The things that are on (the monument) are all fact-based concerns. I may not like some of them either, but that doesn’t change the event. Just because I don’t like what happened doesn’t mean it didn’t occur[…] […]We fought with this internally as a commission. What’s going to do a complete and accurate . . . report of those events and issues that surrounded this? Do I have to like that these events occurred? No. But I can’t make them go away.

As Ace notes, “You don’t win battles of terrorism with more battles” is a damn opinion…this is not a fact. “Feeling of invincibility lost”, “Fear Of Foreigners”, “Foreign Born Americans Afraid”, all opinions. These are not fact. All foreign born Americans were not afraid, we did not all fear foreigners…..this is all moral relavatism at its worse and for this “firefighter” to even suggest this kind of thing is fact is dishonest.

Now we can understand how this thing got built. With the likes of the Arizona Governor, this moonbat firefighter, and the 3 moonbat architects it all becomes clear.

Time to get our hammers and take this thing down brick by brick.

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