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My earlier post on ABC’s “The Path to 9/11”, only hinted at the negative reaction from the Left. Ex-Donkey Blog has a more detailed post regarding the leftside of the blogosphere’s stir-crazed anger.

Curt, feel free to edit and update this post if you happen to find some gems, golden nuggets, and pearls of wisdom from the KosKiddies and DUmmies.

And if anyone has the time, listen to Michael Medved’s first hour today (Only 35 minutes with the commercials removed). He’s seen the movie and challenges the leftist notion that this rightwingers are behind it; and he points out that many of the critics haven’t even seen the movie yet. So it’s uneducated hoopla and hysteria going on from the Clintonistas.


Darnit! I think they misrepresented the show, and the link is actually to a Friday program. The one I heard Tuesday isn’t up yet. Hopefully it’s posted before the weekend. I thought it was quite good.


Curt here and excellent idea Word… without further ado I did a bit of digging around in DummiesU land for say, 30 seconds and came up with this gem already:

BushOut06 (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-06-06 12:13 AM
Original message
Anyone else fed up with all this 9-11 crap?

I’m sorry, I’m just fed up to here with all this crap about 9-11. Yeah, I know it’s the 5th anniversary of the attack, but does that mean we have to be inundated with all this “feel good, do you remember” bullshit? Why can’t we just remember 9-11 in our own personal way?

You didn’t see Clinton making a big deal 5 years after the first WTC attack. You didn’t see him making a big deal 5 years after the OKC bombing. Why? BECAUSE HE FUCKING TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS! Instead of going off on some half-baked war against some uninvolved country, instead of stripping away our civil liberties, he actually went after the perpetrators. What a friggin concept! For one brief moment after 9-11, we had the world on our side. Did * take advantage of this? HELL NO. Just like the budget surplus, he squandered it all away. But hell, * is used to squandering stuff away, isn’t he?

I am sick and fucking tired of * and the rest of the neo-cons trying to take advantage of 9-11 for their own political gain. They know they don’t stand a chance in November, so they’re going to try to use every weapon they can. They’re going to push the whole fear and terror plot for all its worth. I love how * comes out and says that we’re safer than on 9-11, but “not safe enough”. Gee, I guess that means we need the GOP to help make us safer, right? NO THANK YOU.

Uhhh…..Clinton didn’t make a big deal after the first WTC? I think an Aspirin factory would beg to differ, and I think we all know what this guy meant about Bill taking care of business…..with his intern of course.

This reaction to the post isn’t really insulting, just plain wacky:

babydollhead (227 posts) Wed Sep-06-06 12:17 AM
Response to Original message
1. Katrina is an open wound
This is the way I am thinking about it now. The wound of this country is not reopened by fingering 9/11. That was a gasp and a hand help up to our collective cheeks which had just been slapped. How vulnerable we were. How shaken. The night after, we went to a Tarot class. The defining card to come up was “The Tower”; people leaping out of a burning tower. The significance of this card is “change” things unable to go on as usual. We also came to the conclusion that we need to apologize to the Native Americans. For everything. We came away with the feeling of humility, sad apologies, coming from our hearts, for all of the suffering in this world.

Tarot class? Apologize to the Native Americans? What the hell you talkin bout Willis?

How much you want to bet that guy did a huge bowl before jumping on DummiesU?

I find it curious how the left, at least these lefties, want to forget about 9/11 after calling for investigation after investigation. When the first investigation didn’t blame Bush they wanted another one…..but now all of sudden they want to minimize it.

They understand that Bush’s greatest strength is that he had the guts to take the fight TO the terrorists. He didn’t go and have a few people arrested, no he went to war with those responsible. When that was done he went after those who harbored and supported terrorists, including Al-Qaeda (Iraq) and was a danger to the world. These dummies understand that people support Bush when it comes to protecting them. If they can minimize it then they believe they can take away that support.

Won’t work dummies.

They are also hard at work trying to censor what we can watch:

liberaldemocrat7 (271 posts) Tue Sep-05-06 08:36 PM
Original message
This means they will not have advertisements during the propaganda piece so we can go with this second plan to demand that Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers get ABC to drop this propaganda piece or we boycott them. Rush Limbaugh’s program airs on the ABC radio network station WABC AM radio in NY. Besides Rush Limbaugh would benefit from this propaganda airing on ABC TV.

However you can add two notorious GOP contributors to this list:

Wendy’s restaurants

and Red Lobster

Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers

Tell them you have called them because they advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s show and they help advance the Republican agenda including airing the path to 9-11 propaganda piece.

Crunchy Frog (1000+ posts) Tue Sep-05-06 10:32 PM
Response to Reply #19
21. They should do what CBS did with that Reagan movie.

Cancel it and allow it to be shown on Showtime at a later date.

The public airways should NOT be used as vehicles for partisan propaganda masquerading as docudramas. This probably violates some sort of campaign finance law.

In these dimwits minds they can’t understand how ABC could air a mini-series that shows the real events leading up to 9/11 so close to an election. I guess ABC should have pushed back a show about 9/11 to another date, why would they want to air it on it’s anniversary anyways?


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