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Terrible news about the plane crash today:

A commuter jet mistakenly trying to take off on a runway that was too short crashed into a field Sunday and burst into flames, killing 49 people and leaving the lone survivor — a co-pilot — in critical condition, federal investigators said.

Preliminary flight data from Comair Flight 5191’s black box recorders and the damage at the scene indicate the plane, a CRJ-100 regional jet, took off from the shortest runway at Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport, National Transportation Safety Board member Debbie Hersman said.

The 3,500-foot-long strip, unlit and barely half the length of the airport’s main runway, is not intended for commercial flights. The twin-engine CRJ-100 would have needed 5,000 feet to fully get off the ground, aviation experts said.

49 souls died in that plane crash including a newlywed couple on their way to their honeymoon. A tragic accident.

But what do we get from the DummiesU crowd, they blame Republicans:

Cobalt Violet (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-27-06 08:11 AM
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Must be terrorist.


I sure repukes are hoping so anyway.

lgn19087 (111 posts) Sun Aug-27-06 09:59 AM
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20. It doesn’t matter

They’ll find a way to spin it to their favor. They always do. This is just another opportunity for Rove to spout his talking points.

Vinca (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-27-06 08:34 AM
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7. They’re talking about weather. I want to know about Snapple.

Planes only crash because terrorists bring their beverages on board.

Then this message which was deleted:

ClintonTyree (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-27-06 08:01 AM
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2. Has FOX News tied it to Al Qaeda yet?
I’m sure they’ve hinted at such, at the very least. Must……keep…..fear…..level…..rising…… for…..Republicans.

And another one that speaks volumes about this crowd. This guy posted the following in response to number 7 above:

lgn19087 (103 posts) Sun Aug-27-06 09:58 AM
Response to Reply #7
19. Innocent people are dead and you’re making jokes?

Guess what, they deleted it. I’m guessing they will blame it on the fact he called someone other then Bush a asshole. How dare he. Not like DummiesU is filled with cuss words right?

Then someone comments about the fact that there are more deaths from automobiles then plane crashes to which someone just has to bring up Iraq:

Breeze54 (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-27-06 02:32 PM
Response to Reply #55
57. Sort of Like Iraq?

Just How Stupid Are NewsMax Readers?
Very stupid, if they believe crap like this

Despite media coverage purporting to show that escalating violence in Iraq has the country
spiraling out of control, civilian death statistics complied by Rep. Steve King, R-IA,
indicate that Iraq actually has a lower civilian violent death rate than Washington, D.C.

Note how he’s comparing the city of Washington D.C. to the entire country of Iraq.
Not Baghdad, not Tikrit, not Fallujah, but the entire fucking country of Iraq.

So far we have the Dummies bringing up Republicans, Iraq, Rove, and now 9/11:

Ghost Dog (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-27-06 09:31 AM
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14. Very Sorry. Dumbed-down (cost-cut) standards/maintenance?

No doubt, unlike 9/11, there will be a thorough FAA investigation.

What a group huh? A tragic plane crash and they will blame Bush, Rove, Republicans in general and of course compare it to Iraq and 9/11.

UPDATE 2300hrs PST

So the DummiesU crowd can be ignorant and insensitive, so it shouldn’t surprise you that the Emmy’s reacted the same way: (via Hot Air)

Listen to all those laughs.

This looks like a case of awful timing more than awful taste (and yes, we’re aware it’s a Lost parody); nevertheless, it’s going to be a night to remember for NBC, the Emmys and Conan O’Brien.

On the other hand, if the Comair crash had happened on the Left Coast, would NBC have gone through with the skit?

The Lexington area is reacting to the skit:

WLEX’s president and general manager, Tim Gilbert, who was home watching the telecast with his family, was “stunned” by the intro; if station managers had known about the intro before the broadcast, Lexington viewers wouldn’t have seen it, he said.

“It was a live telecast — we were completely helpless,” Gilbert said of the Emmys. “By the time we began to react, it was over. At the station, we were as horrified as they were at home.”

Gilbert said he’ll complain to NBC, but he said an apology won’t make up for insensitivity.

But you see most members of the Emmy crowd are platinum members of DummiesU….the crash was nothing but a Republican conspiracy to get votes don’t you see? That’s why it’s ok to do a skit of a plane crash the SAME day the worst domestic plane crash occured in 4 years. Can’t you see that?


Deadline Hollywood Daily summerizes:

The very idea that tonight’s Emmy showcast on NBC was so scripted-in-stone that neither the network nor host Conan O’Brien could change a word of the broadcast opener, or decide not to show it altogether and substitute another skit crafted at the last minute, is absurd. After all, isn’t that the reason Hollywood pays writers for these awards shows? C’mon, couldn’t one executive or producer, much less Conan or the television academy that puts on the Emmys, pipe up and say, “Uh, maybe starting with a plane crash comedy skit on the same day there was an actual plane crash might be in poor taste? Let’s rewrite.” But, noooooooooo. Now the NBC affiliate at the Lexington, Kentucky, site of today’s tragedy says he was “horrified” by NBC’s callowness. “We wish somebody had thought this through. It’s somewhere between ignorance and incompetence.” So I ask: Will someone get fired for this?

I doubt it.

Other’s Blogging:

What a group huh? A tragic plane crash and they will blame Bush, Rove, Republicans in general and of course compare it to Iraq and 9/11.

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