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by Robert Farrow

Here is a follow up to Curt’s article, A Few In Hollywood Actually Have Some Common Sense.

Boycott Nicole?

Last week, a group of Hollywood celebrities and other entertainment figures — including Nicole Kidman, James Woods, Bruce Willis and Fox News honcho Rupert Murdoch — published an open letter condemning terrorism by Hezbollah and Hamas. Now the signers of the letter are being condemned as “Zionists” by a left-wing British blogger.

Akram Awad at published the addresses of 48 of the signers of the anti-terror letter, and issued a three-part “call to action”:

“1. Boycott signatories and their movies, sport matches and first of all Rupert Murdoch’s biased News Corporation media. …
“2. Urge your friends to follow your steps by showing them how Zionist celebrities can be part of the Israeli propaganda. …
“3. Now this is the most important part. Write a letter to one or more of the celebrities reprimanding them for signing the statement and for the falsification of the truth.

However, although we know that many of the signatories have long profiles supporting Israel and its Zionist project, we should still give them the benefit of doubt (to be fair to everyone) and give them a bit of truthful background information about the history of the conflict and the current crisis assuming that some of the signatories simply didn’t have access to enough information that would allow them to make a fair [judgment.]”

from the Washington Times

Wow, you have to be nuts if you think the media is biased to Israel….And a quick look at this terrorist apologist’s website confirms it. Now I don’t need to wonder what Gobbels would be like had he been a blogger. He calls Hezbolah, a genocidal group that is the biggest killer of Americans next to Al-Qaeda, “resistance heroes.” This man goes on to say the root cause of all this Arab hatred is American support of the Zionist state. Of course this Boy from Brazil ignores the two invasions of Europe by Muslims centuries before Israel, as he ignores Hezbolah (and groups like them) pledge to kill every jew in Israel. The terrorist supporter finally ignores the fact that Hezbolah started the war and that Israel offered to return all occupied lands for peace, but it was the Arabs that rejected peace, as they still do.

To quote a past leader of Hezbolah: “We are not fighting so you offer us something, we are fighting to eliminate you.”

Hezbolah, Al-Qaeda, and their like is only a little different then the evil of National Socialism, which we only rooted out at the cost of millions. They both practice genocide, and preach belligerent nationalism, militarism, and racism.

However, unlike the 40’s, we allow fascists to operate in our own countries freely. Note this Hitler youth is in Britain, the country that once bravely stood up to Hitler alone.

The lessons of History are clear. If we don’t stand up to these people, our countries too will lands of hate as much of the middle East is now.

The root cause of this conflict is the genocidal fascism of radical Islam, it is as simple as that.

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