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The wife of kidnapped Fox reporter has made a plea for a return of her husband:

The wife of a FOX News cameraman kidnapped in Gaza made a tearful plea Friday for information about the whereabouts of her husband and a fellow FOX journalist.

Cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, of New Zealand, and American reporter Steve Centanni, 60, were taken Monday from their TV van near the Palestinian security services headquarters.

[…]"If somebody knows any information, can you please tell us because I want him home so much," Wiig's wife, Anita McNaught, a freelance journalist, said in a televised appeal Friday.

"He and his colleague, Steve, don't deserve this. They are good men, they are good men and they should be allowed to come home. Please let him come home. Please," McNaught said, trying throughout the appeal to maintain her composure, holding back tears and keeping her hands in tight fists.

Video below: (best viewed in Firefox)

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