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Not confirmed as of yet:

GAZA (Reuters) – Palestinian gunmen kidnapped two foreign journalists working for the Fox News television channel in Gaza on Monday, a witness said.

The witness, a Palestinian who worked with the two journalists, said one of them, a producer, was an American, and the other, whose nationality he did not know, was a cameraman.

The Fox News bureau in Jerusalem said it was checking the report.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the abduction.

UPDATE 1125hrs PST

Drudge is confirming the story:



Figured I would check out the DummiesU crowd while we await news and they are already celebrating:

How much do we have to pay to get the Palestinians to keep them? 

When one in their crowd hopes they are safe another answers with:

Oh please, grow some balls They are Fox News employees for god sake!!!


Drudge is reporting that it was a Fox News reporter who was kidnapped:

Freelance cameraman and FOX NEWS reporter abducted…


Names released by Drudge:

FOX NEWS reporter Steve Centanni, freelance cameraman from New Zealand abducted…

Here is a picture and bio of him from Fox:

Steve Centanni is a national correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC). He has been with the network since its inception in 1996 and has reported on numerous global news stories and events.

In July 2003, Centanni was the first television network reporter to provide on-site reports from the building where Uday and Qusay Hussein were killed after a gun battle with the 101st Airborne Division. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Centanni served as an embedded journalist with the Navy SEAL's and provided numerous first reports for the network, including a report that the U.S. had captured two main offshore oil terminals located 22 miles off Iraq's southern coast, preventing them from being blown up by the Iraqis.

Previously, while covering the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Centanni was first to report the fall of the Taliban in their final stronghold of Kandahar. During Operation Enduring Freedom, he reported on U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, the new interim government in Kabul and hostilities between Pakistani and Indian troops along the frontlines in Kashmir. Currently, Centanni is covering the crisis in Iraq and is stationed in Doha, Qatar.

During his tenure at FNC, Centanni has provided extensive coverage of the Pentagon, the U.S. Supreme Court and the Presidential Campaign of Sen. Bob Dole in 1996. He traveled with former President Clinton during his 1996 presidential campaign and his second term in office.

Centanni, a California native, began his broadcast career as an anchor and reporter for radio stations in San Francisco and Oakland, Calif. For eight years he wrote and produced news segments for KRON-TV (formerly an NBC affiliate) in San Francisco. In 1989 he won the Alaska Press Club Award for producing a weekly news magazine show for KTUU-TV (NBC) in Alaska.

Centanni attended the University of Colorado and earned a Bachelor's degree in broadcasting from San Francisco State University.

UPDATE 1210hrs PST

Went back into the cesspool of DummiesU and found some more wonderful nuggets:

Hate to tell the kidnappers, but Fox news employees aren't journalists…

I guess if they just wanted some hostages, that
would be one thing- but if they were specifically
trying to nab some JOURNALISTS, they sure picked the wrong
people, eh?

Maybe they'll toss them back once they realize
they picked up a couple of media whores instead
of actual journalists.

I certainly hope so, as I would hate for the
kidnappers to mete out retaliation on them
for their part in enabling the situation in the ME.

This one is a doozy:

Of all the luck.

Not Geraldo or Hannity, not Gibson or O'Reilly not even Greta Van Susteren. A couple of expendable nobodies that FOX can replace in a heartbeat. There's no joy in this only disappointment. 

And another where they are mad because the journalists are called um, journalists:

Liars. Not reporters. LIARS.

Sadly, there's no "infuriated" smilie to show my rage at what a ridiculous concept it is to call anyone connected with FOX News "reporters".

But I'm not angry at you, you have a good heart and are just being too kind to people who helped sell the Iraq war lies and countless others. You mean well – it's just that they don't deserve that label.

Another one with their typical language:

Serves them right, the fucking liars.

Their channel's constant stream of lies is partly responsible for Americans not demanding Israel cease its war crimes.

FUCK them.

(But still, I hope they don't get killed, just scared into reality.)

Meanwhile those at Free Republic have started a prayer thread for their safe return.  A bit of a difference huh?

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