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This my friends is the face of the Democratic party:


Let's switch gears, talk about Fidel Castro. There have been people dancing in the streets in Miami thinking he's dead or close to it.

RANGEL: That's obscene.


RANGEL: Because, no matter what the forces, here's an old guy. You like him, you don't like him, but to be dancing in the street hoping that he would die, so you can go to Cuba when you and your parents have never even been to Cuba, it's politically ridiculous.

CAVUTO: But if your family fled from Cuba, and you had relatives who were killed in Cuba because they were against Castro, I — I would be doing a jig, too, right?

RANGEL: You would be doing a jig. But I hope you wouldn't expect your president, the leader of the free world, not only to be supporting you, but to be asking for money to overthrow Castro, not knowing who follows Castro. It's ridiculous to have an embargo…


CAVUTO: Well, are you saying you're for Castro?

RANGEL: No. I want a democratic change. But I don't believe dancing in the street and spreading out money in Havana and in Miami is the a way to do it.

CAVUTO: Charlie, this guy killed a lot of people.

RANGEL: Well, I wonder how many people we killed at Guantanamo. I mean, we don't have the human rights record.

CAVUTO: Well, wait — wait a minute. Are you equating Fidel Castro with what's happening at Guantanamo?

RANGEL: You bet your life, if we're — if we are talking about human rights.

CAVUTO: So, President Bush is just like Fidel Castro?


But what I'm saying is, if you want to talk about the inhuman human rights that Castro has, in arresting people and not presenting them with why they were arrested, not giving them lawyers, and having a secret trial, hey, we're doing the same thing…


CAVUTO: All right.

Well, a lot of the people who are dancing in the streets in Miami remember that the opportunities that they once had, or their fathers and mothers and grandmothers and grandfathers used to have…


CAVUTO: … they don't have anymore.

RANGEL: Let me…


CAVUTO: So — so, let me tell you that they're — they're dancing and having a great time, because they want him to be dead.

RANGEL: Let me tell you…


CAVUTO: Now, are — are they wrong in wanting a guy like that to be dead?

RANGEL: Let me tell you a very, very quick story. A guy stopped me in the Capitol. He says, "You're doing a great job, but, on Cuba, you are 100 percent wrong."

I said, "Why?"

He said, "Because Castro took everything away that my grandparents have, just took the property."

I said, "What did he take?"

He said, "You know, I don't know. I have been telling that story for so long, I don't even know what they had." He says, "But I'm to the talking to you, because you're taking away my inheritance."

CAVUTO: Well, do you think he's killed hundreds, thousands? How many?

RANGEL: I have no idea. You know, this is…

CAVUTO: But you would shed a tear when he leaves?

RANGEL: This is the Castro that we endorsed when he overthrew Batista, you know. This is the same guy. This is the Castro that we wanted to normalize relationship with and…


CAVUTO: But I seem to remember the Bay of Pigs. I seem to remember nine U.S. presidents trying…

RANGEL: It — are you…

CAVUTO: … to do their best to make sure that he — he would go away.

RANGEL: What kind of American can we be if we're sending people over there to kill Castro, that we're invading countries?

I would like to believe that Americans are not afraid — afraid of Castro and his communism. We should open the doors, have trade.

CAVUTO: All right.

RANGEL: People should be able to visit.

Sigh….so actually Fidel was just a misunderstood guy you see.  Those stories about his tyranny and stuff are all urban legends.

Wow….just wow!

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