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So while the world goes on and on about the innocent children killed in Lebanon, which many suspect was a set-up by Hezbollah btw, a dozen kids were deliberately targeted for killing by Iraqi terrorists inside Baghdad and your barely hearing a peep out of our MSM or any of the so-called humanitarian groups: (h/t Gateway Pundit)

Two hidden bombs exploded on a Baghdad soccer field Wednesday, killing nine young people. A mortar shell landed while another soccer game was underway, killing three children, police said.


At least 12 people, many of them children, have been killed in bomb attacks while they were playing football in west Baghdad, police say.

Two blasts hit a makeshift pitch on waste ground in a mainly Shia district. About a dozen other people were hurt.

Police say the bombs had been buried in the middle of the football pitch.

How much you want to bet this will not be on the front page?  Where's the outrage over the deliberate killing of children?

Somehow I think they will blame Bush for terrorists burying bombs under a soccer field.  

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