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Do you guys recall this letter recently written by our political leaders urging the EU to include Hezbollah to its list of terrorist organizations:

On July 12th, the terrorist group Hezbollah attacked Israel in an unprovoked act of aggression across an internationally recognized border. Since then, Israel has faced a barrage of rocket and missile attacks aimed at innocent civilians perpetrated by Hezbollah that have forced Israel to exercise its right to self-defense. At this juncture, it is essential that the United States and the European Union (EU) develop a unified position relating to Hezbollah and thwarting the support it receives from Syria and Iran. It is in this regard that we ask you to join us in sending the attached letter to EU High Representative Javier Solana urging him to add Hezbollah to the EU terrorist list.  

If you scroll down the names of those who signed it you will see Representative John Dingell's name.  He calls on the EU to recognize Hezbollah as terrorists on July 28th.

On July 30th he appears on a tv show along with Republican Candice Miller and said the following:

They discussed the crisis in Lebanon; Dingell proclaimed himself neutral. "I don't take sides for or against Hezbollah; I don't take sides for or against Israel." Asked, "You're not against Hezbollah?" Dingell answers, "No…"

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A Democratic politician who called Hezbollah terrorists is now stating he is not against them.

He needs to be removed from office NOW! 

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