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Little Green Footballs have found something that should sicken most of us.  The United Nations apparently sanctioned these "Lebanese civil defense workers" taking pictures of mutilated bodies from bomb blasts for propaganda purposes.  How can I say that the UN sanctioned these photos?  Take a look at all the UN flags flying behind these guys as they pull bodies out of body bags. 

Pictures can be seen here, but be warned…graphic to the extreme. 

Why do they allow these pictures to be taken?  They hope to foster hatred of Israel and their campaign to rid themselves of terrorists.

You have to wonder tho, where are the UN photo ops of the victims from the Hezbollah rocket attacks?  How about the photo's of those young girls in Africa who were raped by UN personnel?  How about those slaughtered in Rwanda as the UN stood by?  In the Sudan?…..guess they were too busy. 

It's sad that these people were killed, but all war is sad.  Sometimes innocent people die, on both sides.  But Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran and Syria can stop this war with one phone call….they choose not to.  Instead they fire rockets 30+ miles into Israeli cities.   

It's even sadder that the UN allows Hezbollah to use these corpses to further their "victim" status while they bomb the real victims, the Israeli's.  But this is the UN as we all have come to know and hate. 

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