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A reader gave me a tip to check out LGF's post on the one, the only, Larry C. Johnson of VIPS fame.  You remember VIPS don't you?  The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity group that helped lead the rogue agents inside the CIA against Bush.  He is also the one who claimed that no one should be worried about terrorism prior to 9/11.  Last but certainly not least he worked for Mary McCarthy, the CIA agent turned treasonous leaker, and was one of her biggest apologists not to mention a backer of the Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.  

Yesterday he posted this on his blog:

Apparently not content to let the U.S. do a self-immolation act in the Middle East by itself, Israel decided to set itself on fire by invading Lebanon.   Burn baby  burn?  Like George Bush, Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, never served in a combat unit and launched military operations without thinking the matter through.  In fact, Olmert reportedly never even served in the military.  I raise this because there is one simple question Israel cannot answer about the current operations–what is their strategic military objective.  Olmert has somehow persuaded the Israeli military to ignore strategy, think tactically, and in the process become really stupid.   The events in the next several weeks will expose as myth the canard that you can secure a nation by killing terrorists.  No you can't.

What a fact checker this guy is.  More then likely he decided to skip over the facts to make them fit his belief system, namely that Bush, the USA, and Israel….all bad:

November 1963 – Began his military service in the 13th Regiment, Golani Brigade. During his service he suffered injuries to a leg and an arm, which required prolonged medical treatment. He completed his military service in 1971 at the "Hamahane" newspaper.

[ … ]1979-1982 – Volunteered in the IDF and completed officers' course while serving as MK. Volunteered for reserve service in Lebanon.


Olmert served with the Israel Defense Forces in the Golani combat brigade. While in service he was injured and temporarily released. He underwent many treatments. Later he completed his military duties as a journalist for the IDF magazine BaMahane. During the Yom Kippur war he joined the headquarters of Ariel Sharon as a military correspondent. Already a Knesset member, he decided to go through an Officer's course, at the age of 35, in 1980.

That took all of 2 minutes to research.  It's a lie plain and simple.  

That last sentence where he states you cannot win the war by killing terrorist is telling.  He believes that Hamas and Hizbollah are too dangerous to go to war with, Israel should only negotiate with them because war is bad mmmmkay.

Doesn't matter that the sole objective of these groups is the complete destruction of Israel.  Doesn't matter that when Israel left Gaza, the Palestinians elected a terrorist organization to lead them, continued to fire rockets into Israel, and then kidnapped their soldiers.  None of this matter to Mr. Johnson.  

These people are just plain batty.

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