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The Protein Wisdom saga continues.  Jeff Goldstein's site has been down for a bit due to hackers, and believe me I know the feeling.  You will recall that I was hacked and shut down for approx 6 hours after my extensive CIA Mole post.  While that was upsetting, apparently Jeff's hacker is a stalker also.  She has even gone so far to threaten his child: (via Michele Malkin)

"I’d like to hear more about your “tyke” by the way. Girl? Boy? Toddler? Teen? Are you still married to the woman you ephed to give birth to the tyke?

Tell all, bro!"


"[…] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me."


" Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby.

Are you still married to the woman you humped to produce the toddler? "


Give your pathetic progeny (I sure hope that mofo got good genes from his mama!) a big fat tongue-filled kiss from me! LOTS AND LOTS OF SALIVA from Auntie MOONBAT, if you don’t mind!

Somehow, Jeffy boy, I think you get off on the possibility of Frenching your pathetic progeny, even if it is a boy. You seem like a VERY, VERY sick mofo to me, bro.

Blackfive has even more examples of her comments:

I am SHAKING, I tell you, SHAKING!!! in my boots at the prosect at an FBI and/or state police trooper tromping down my driveway to see if I was a threat to the progeny of the pissant name of Jeff “pissant” Goldstein of the pathetic, neutered, sissified, state of Colorado.  I don’t give a rat’s ass whether the pissant’s progeny live or die, but I have no intention of snuffing the mofo’s chillen myself.

[…]Still waiting for some words of wisdom (NOT!) from you, Jeffy boy!

Your little boot-lickers have had their say. What say you, king dingbat?!

Wanna escalate this game. Fine wit me. 

Bring it on, hombre.

Bring it on.

Jeff blew the whistle on the attacker, a Deb Frisch, to her employer.  Want to guess where she was employed?  She is a professor adjunct faculty at the University of Arizona in the, no joke, Psychology department.  How ironic.

She supposedly lost her job (not verified yet) and in true psycho fashion painted herself as the victim :

I wrote some inflammatory comments at a blog by a guy named Jeff Goldstein called protein wisdom that infuriated many bloggers and commenters. Many of these bloggers emailed my boss at the University of Arizona to tell on me.

In hindsight, the things I wrote were over the line of nastiness. I apologize to Mr. Goldstein.

I have resigned from the University of Arizona so there is no need for other enraged people to write to administrators there.

Some blogs have posted comments that I perceive to be physically threatening. I have contacted the FBI and the Pajamas Media staff to determine how to proceed with this aspect of this unbelievable experience.

My intention in this post is to de-escalate the situation. The comments that started this all were nasty, not threatening. But I feel very threatened by the response.

Jeff – I lost my job. You won. Could you call off the troops?

But her dogs have not been called off.  Jeff's site is currently under TWO DoS attacks from lefties who support her tactics, you know…threatening kids and little stuff like that.

How many times have I pointed out in previous posts how unhinged these people are, the post I wrote last night highlights jsut such an example from a "professional" writer. 

Check out her post after the London Subway bombing:

"Islamofascists. I like it. Kissing cousins of christofascists like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and DeLay and judeofascists like Zackheim and Sharon.

I am not happy that more widows, widowers and amputees were created yesterday. I don't think the people riding the London subway yesterday morning deserved to be blown up because of the war crimes committed by George Bush and condoned by Tony Blair.

But I am glad that someone said phuque you to bush, blair and the other hombres who represent (sic) the G-8 nations."

Yesterday she commented at Blackfive, once again painting herself as the victim;

Thanks for the publicity, dude. Jeff Goldstein allowed commenters on his blog to wrote graphic, threatening, disgusting, sexual, violent things about me. I wrote about how I felt threatened and disgusted. He did nothing.

I wanted to show the dingbat and his minions how it felt when someone crossed the line from fighting about words to making physical, disgusting comments. I guess I succeeded.

Check out the comments that led up to this.

Of course, you rightwing dingbats never look at what instigated an event – you just pick and choose the facts that make you look good. So I doubt any of you will go look and see what the cretins and thugs that hang out in his comments section said about me.

File this one in can dish it out but man oh man can't take it.

Quite a fantasy world, anyone who visits Jeff's blog knows the behavior she is alleging is just not true.  Kind of hard to prove it when the site is down, how convenient.  Jeff responds:

When my site comes back up, I'll be happy to point you to Dr Debs introduction into the world of protein wisdom.

Her fantastical, revisionist story — that she was harrassed and that she was simply trying to engage in a teachable moment in response — is total hogwash. She was the aggressor. And when she was ignored or dismissed as a crank, she became even more irate and confrontational.

Evidently she thinks it a badge of honor to get herself banned from wingnut sites — so much so that she assured me I'd ban her. But I thought she was doing a find job of making herself look foolish, unhinged, and irrational, so I told her I wasn't going to ban her. Of course, she was free to leave at any time.

One more thing: she keeps saying I "allowed" people to make comments about her; but I only "allowed" others' comments in the same way I "allowed" hers. I have an open comment policy. And nobody threatened her in any way that I'm aware of.

Just listen to her combative tone here. She can't help herself. As I noted in my post, she's nuttier than a Michael Moore Snickers dump.

She doesn't belong in front of students. And I will do my best to press that case with her bosses.

In fact, right now I really want to see her at a school cafeteria, wearing a hair net and doling out lumpy mashed potatoes to junior high kids who will point and sneer at her in her frumpy, shabby smock.

But maybe that'll pass.

You can check out her first appearance at Protein Wisdom via google cache here.  Quite amusing, and scary to think this person teaches our youth. 

This commentor believes he knows where the DoS attacks are coming from:

The thing that's being overlooked here is the nature of the DOS attack, which I feel pretty certain is coming from the direction of the Sadlyno/Thersites crowd. Sadlyno also google-bombed him recently and wrote this egregious hit-piece on him–an obsessive hit-piece, I might add–in honor of Thersites. Thersites is an idiot professor from a second-tier university who's gotten into it with Jeff recently. I'd link to it, but it has graphic bestiality. The author is a guy calling himself Retardo Montalban, a semi-literate, self-styled student from yet another second- or third-tier university in the south.

But we can do more then just highlight their psychotic behavior.  As Blackfive notes:

I just spoke to a representative of the U of AZ Psychology Department and confirmed that Dr. Frisch is a faculty member at the school. I asked to file a formal complaint and gave my contact info and am awaiting a call from the Department Head, Al Kazniak. If you would like to do the same here is the contact information:

1503 E University Blvd. Building 68, Tucson, AZ 85721 (map)
Tel: (520) 621-7448

Fax: (520) 621-9306 Department Head email

While her comments are vile and disgusting, I do not think it rises to that of a crime as I point out in a comment at Blackfive:

Being a cop in California I can tell you that Criminal Threats, 422PC, is thrown around a lot by those wanting to get back at their enemies (ie ex-friends, ex-boy/girlfriends, ex-spouses, ex-family…etc) but is quite hard to prosecute. The victim needs to feel threatened and to believe the suspect is capable of harming them. Most of the time they do not feel this way, proven by their actions. Someone who is truly fearful will take measures to protect themselves, ie moving for a short period, changing driving habits, and so forth…all that stuff needs to be proven in court.

While this vile woman needs to pointed out, especially since she works at a University teaching our youth, prosecuting her would be quite difficult. Not impossible, but difficult.

She definately needs to be escorted out of that University.  She states she has resigned but this University page still shows her listed there.


The loony has an update at her site:

UPDATE: I have been receiving emails alluding to the fact that I got fired. I was not fired. I resigned. I was not pressured to resign. I just sent my boss an email explaining what was happening and told him I thought it was best for all involved if I resigned.

Protein Wisdom has been down since this all started so it is not possible to see all the comments and everything that led up to this. People are posting snippets of what I posted that have been embellished with references to french kissing and other things I didn't say.

When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.

I have been trying to get in touch with Pajamas Media to discuss some of my concerns about what has been published at Black Five about this issue. I feel threatened by some of the comments there.

If someone at pajamas media or better yet, froggy from Black Five, could email me, that would be great.

Again, how convenient.  His site goes down and she alleges she was harrassed first.  She then begins her defense:

When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.

You can see where this is going. 

Also, look at her unhinged comments and then compare them to her posts at her blog, is this the same person or does she only write at her blog after the anti-psychotic medication kicks in? 


A commentor (who works at a DA's office) at Blackfive took me to task for stating the victim has to prove they are fearful.   


I work in a DA office. The vic doesn't HAVE to move to prove they are sincere in thinking the person making threats is serious.

And the vast majority of PC422 is pled out, because most of the time, even the vics want to see the perp get help.

A lot depends on how seriously the issuing DDA is and how serious the cop who wrote the report is about the threats.

I think Debs YEARS LONG track record in stalking ups the ante in this not being an isolated instance that we can all blow off.

Although I said nothing to indicate we blow this off, she is correct in that if a victim can get up on the stand and sell the fact that they were indeed fearful, then no proof is necessary.  Depending on the quality of the testimony a good defense attorney could force the prosecutor to provide proof, or risk losing the case.

UPDATE III 07/08/06 1630hrs PST

Guess who is now trying to rewrite history while at the same time claiming she was the victim in all this?  

A very good question why a person would hang out in that cesspool long after noticing its cesspool nature.

There was a post where Jeff said he'd like to keep me in his zoo as his token moonbat. I gladly agreed. I really loved the idea that I could evolve from troll to pet moonbat so easily. Usually I get banned.

It all seemed to be going well, but then Jeff seemed to lose interest in me as a zoo member and all there was was sexual, disgusting comments from the pee nut gallery who were luvving tinkling on my ankle.
I tried to take it like an hombre, but it really got under my skin.

I should have left at that point, but somehow, I got on Jeff's radar again and I decided to chitchat with him from 8-9 one night (I can't figure out what night it was – it would be easy if protein wisdom was up, but it's not.)

That's when it escalated to me wanting to give him a taste of his own medicine. If I retaliated in kind (made disgusting comments about his private parts), it would have just turned on all the vermin in the right wing pee nut gallery. By telling Jeff that I would not be upset if harm came to his two year old, I was trying to create in him the feeling I had from all the sexual comments.

I am thinking he grokked the message.

I'm sorry for playing the kid card – honorable warriors do not go there and i will not do it again. i have learned my lesson. But I only played the kid card because it seemed like my only move other than letting the pee nut gallery get away with tinkling on my ankle.

Next time, I'll leave before getting to this point.

Sure will be interesting if and when protein wisdom ever gets up and running again.

Methinks Jeff took the site offline himself – it sure is convenient for him to be the only one with the raw data. I think. Can someone really knock out your site for DAYS?!?

This is the thing, she has a paper trail a mile long which displays her unhinged behavior and obvious anger.  So for her to now claim she was just sitting around being a nice little moonbat is completely disingenuous.  Examples?

Posted by: Deborah Frisch

I am about as unanonymous as they get, aardvark.

My name is Deborah Frisch. I live in Tucson, Arizona. I teach in the psychology department at the YOUkneeversity of AIRYzona.

You want to come find me, see that I'm real, hold a .357 magnum in my face, i say:


Posted by: Deborah Frisch | Jan 3, 2005 8:02:40 PM

Check out this whole series of comments here where she posts as Lefty.  It all began because she called Prof. Bainbridge a closet homosexual:

I've never encountered someone in the blogoshere that I knew was a right wing christian capitalist before. And I think this guys a closeted homosexual, to boot. So he's about as low in my pecking order as a person could be.

[…]Read much, Dave? And the only reason I cared about the birdbrain's sexual orientation is that he's a bloated, republican, catholic windbag. Trust me, I don't care one iota about your s.o., since you are not a big enough presence in the blogosphere to be worth taking shots at.

But hey, thanks for sharing.

[…]Hi Timmy – thanks for playing. I wonder if Professor Bainbridge has any advice for some wine to keep on hand in case bush, dick or cunti croak.

Maybe i'll write to the cherubic catholic.

[…]I am not making fun of the cherubic catholic for being gay. I don't even know if he's gay. I'm making fun of him for being closeted or repressed. I'm making fun of him for appearing to be less than virile, in the unlikely event he is heterosexual.

[…]How the HELL are catholics going to know when the pope is dead? Hasn't he seemed dead for years???

[…]Tell you what. I was planning on keeping quiet about the stupid white men who fired me at Oregon. I didn't want to embarrass the cheaters too much.

But you are inspiring me to just name the names.

How would you feel if you knew that YOU personally were responsible for my naming names (and in the process, revealing even more sordid details) of some of the stupid, sexist, sleazebag white men at the U of O? You'd be FAMOUS – like Steve Prefontaine!

Let me know if you want me to name these fellow's names in YOUR honor, Timmy!

Say the word, Timmy and it is a DONE deal.

Fuck you to the whiteboyz@quacks, from your friends@OregonCommentator.

Waaaay off the deep end.  Quite curious actually that we see this all the time coming from the left.  The bile, the hatred.  But I thought the world according to a liberal means Republicans are supposed to be insensitive and angry. I find it strange how these "peace loving" hippies become such self-righteous dumbasses resorting to veiled death threats and posting some of the most vulgar hate-filled comments simple because people disagree with them.

Don't even get me started on their hero worship of dictators, communists, socialists, and islamofascists who are the exact opposite of everything they supposedly stand for…

The Anchoress see's it the same way:

Beyond insinuating sexual things about the two year old and making “tell me where you live” noises, this woman wrote the most revealing thing about here when she wrote these words: You are not human to me.

[…] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me.

You can see her victim-saturated, half-assed apology (those right wingers “TOLD ON ME!”) here.

If you scroll down at her site, you see ruminations on hippies. Ah, yes. Peace! Love! Tolerance! Except for the people you decide are “not human!”

That's it in a nutshell.  Peace, love, and all that stuff… long as you agree with me that Bushitler is evil incarnate.  If not, then "you are not human to me!" 

UPDATE IV 07/08/06 1650hrs PST 

Now this is precious.  From her blog:

The point of resigning is that it is something I was thinking of doing anyway. I want to stay in Eugene, OR where moonbats rule instead of living in Tucson, AZ where moonbats are in the minority. So my point is not that you should feel sorry for me but rather you should lay off the stalking like the emails to the head of the psych department at the University of Arizona, the nasty, threatening comments at the various rightwingnut blogs that have jumped on this "story."

The department head said he would deal with this on Monday. No one has formally accepted my resignation yet. I've just submitted it. I understand there are many, many people out there who will want to know how the University of Arizona responds to my offer to give up my temporary gig teaching psychology next year. I will let you all know on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm just asking y'all to leave me alone and go stalk another moonbat.

Yup, we all did her a favor…she wanted to go back to the mothership in Oregon anyways.  The last line left me in stitches.  This coming from the Queen Stalker…..comedy people, straight comedy.

UPDATE V 07/08/06 1750hrs PST 

Michelle Malkin has received a e-mail from the University of Arizona that Deb Frisch has indeed resigned:


I have word from the head of Human Resources here that Deborah Frisch has tendered her resignation.

Jeff Harrison
University Communications
The University of Arizona

But hey, she wanted to do it anyways…. 

UPDATE VI 07/08/06 2335hrs PST 

She's not done yet.  Here she updates us with the old, tired and idiotic excuse "what I said was bad, but hey, Bush is evil so I am not so bad……mmmmmkay"

A guy from Fox News named Richard Carbery emailed and wants to interview me on the phone on Monday. It's almost as exciting as when I was interviewed by Richard Harris for NPR. I will try to find a copy of that interview and post it.

The dept head at the UA formally accepted my resignation this afternoon.

Rightwing nutcases with nothing better to do on the weekend might want to stop harassing University of Arizona administrators. Just a thought.

Looks like someone at TalkLeft is siding with Mr. Goldstein. But here's a commenter named bigunit12 who gets it:

On one hand, what she wrote was wrong. But, on the other hand, it was only word. How many dead Iraqi mothers,American and Iraqi fathers, and Iraqi children are conservatives responsible for?

It is unbelievable that a comment saying I would not care if harm came to your child is such a crime to the rightwingnuts when they've been happy as clams to send American dupes to murder, maim, rape and torture (yup folks – depriving people of electricity and clean water is a form of torture!) Iraqi children for four years.

There you have it, are troops are doing nothing but murder, maim, rape and torture….


Oh, btw….here is a picture of Ms. Fitsch taken from the Arizona Daily Star:

The caption reads:

Cecile McKee, left, a UA faculty member, has started looking for work where she can get benefits for partner Deborah Frisch.

Yup, that's a child in the background.  I honestly fear for that child's safety.

Jeff's site is back up since this afternoon and he has posted his thoughts:

1) I don’t feel victimized.  Debbie Frisch is as nutty as the ring around a squirrel’s crapper, but I don’t think she’s a threat.  She’s more of an object lesson in having too many cats.
2) I allowed Debbie to continue commenting here because she was threatening to show her ass.  Not that any of us wanted to see such a horrid, rippled thing, of course—but, well, we’re intellectually curious.  And adventurous!
3) She showed her ass.  And it was every bit as ugly as we all knew it would be. 
4) But no matter.  I don’t want apologies. 
5) On the other hand, pie would be nice.
6) Or a bottle of really good tequila.
7) Blue agave, Deb. 
8) None of that cheapass rail shit you were huffing the other night.
9) Go on, I’ll wait…

Always good to keep a sense of humor.

UPDATE VII 07/09/06 0940hrs PST 

Some more nuggets of wisdom from Frisch today.  First she tries to write some kind of comedy to explain that "hey, Jeff was being mean so I was mean back to him"

Me and Jeff on Hannity and Colmes.

[…]Jeff: Okay. Deb stumbled into the comments section on my blog. I don’t think she realized just how out of her league she was intellectually. When people started calling her on her pathetic, moonbat nonsense – 9/11 conspiracy, Bush-hating, Cindy Sheehan, Ward Churhill-loving delusions, she went batshit. That’s the thing about moonbats – they go batshit at the drop of a hat! So the moonbat goes off the deep end and one thing leads to another and the moonbat’s threatening to murder my kid. So I freaked out because shit, I don’t know how crazy this moonbat really is and she’s joking about my kid being Jon Benet Ramseyed! Now I guess she was just yanking my chain, but for a while, I was scared. My wife and son were dispatched to an undisclosed location while I tried to deal with the other moonbats who attacked my blog. That’s about it.


Then she proceeds to explain why she believes being an ass is ok, because you know, everyone is doing it…and the government made me do it anyways:

I agree that the right suffers from its share of whackjobs – I disagree that liberals should refrain from acting like them. I'm just as into kumbaya, om, peace, be the change you want to see as the next leftie but I think you need to speak the truth about how nutty the rabid right is and how conservative "mainstream media" is.

And I think it's fine if some of us, like me, choose to emulate Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and O'Reilly and Hannity – why is it a bad thing if the left starts acting like it has a spine. I aspire to be like Stephen Colbert and say ephu to the fools who have hijacked our guvvinment.

One word….T H E R A P Y 

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