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I just love watching the Tony Show press briefings nowadays. The ignorant questions from our leftist media seems to just feed Tony’s hunger for “red” meat. Take this line of questioning from a reporter in which she ask’s not once, not twice, but three times what the US response to the North Korea missle launch will be:

That’s just a primer, below you will find some of the usual fare of Helen Thomas and her idiotic questions, plus as an added bonus you get an even more idiotic question from Lester Kinsolving at about the five minute mark:

Here is the text of Lester’s question:

Q Yes, two questions, Tony. National security studies professor Bob Zelnick of Boston University has just detailed the 1942 Chicago Tribune’s reporting of the top secret U.S. breaking of the Imperial Japanese code, which came only months after President Roosevelt, during a news conference, awarded the Iron Cross to another reporter after The Tribune published another top secret contingency plan for getting U.S. troops to Europe. And my question: Has President Bush considered any al Qaeda or other terrorist group award to The New York Times, or does he believe the Attorney General is preparing legal action against that newspaper?

MR. SNOW: We will leave awards to the journalistic community, which will come up with what awards and plaudits they deem appropriate. As for —

Q Do you think that President Roosevelt was wrong?

MR. SNOW: As for prosecutions, that is something that independent prosecutors must decide. The White House is not going to hand down an edict saying “investigate this.” You leave it in the hands of independent investigators and prosecutors to come to their own determinations.

Q But you’re not suggesting that President Roosevelt was wrong to pin the Iron Cross on that reporter, are you?

MR. SNOW: I’m just not interested in even talking about it. (Laughter.)

Unbelievable…how did these people even graduate high school.

If your in need of a comedy fix The Tony Snow Show should be watched whenever possible, these reporters are just Way overmatched against Tony.

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