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Great article by Ralph Peters (as usual) today. Boy does he nail it when it comes to our media and politicians:

Let’s just hang those Marines accused in the Haditha incident. Get it over with. They don’t need a court martial. They’re guilty. The media already decided the case.

A few other Marines and soldiers are also accused of murder in Iraq. Save our tax dollars. Just hang them, too.

Forget the stresses of combat. Forget that war really is hell. Whatever you do, don’t mention the atrocities committed by the terrorists or insurgents.

Those two young American soldiers tortured to death a few weeks ago? Bury that story fast. The terrorists are the good guys. We’re the only torturers.

Don’t close Guantanamo. Put our troops in the cells. There’s no surer way to quell the media’s outrage over Gitmo than freeing the terrorists held there and filling it with our soldiers. Don’t worry about individual charges. Collective guilt applies.

Ignore history. Let’s pretend that warfare can be waged with absolute sterility, without so much as giving the enemy a broken fingernail. War isn’t about fighting. It’s about making people happy.

Civilian casualties? The thousands of Iraqis slain by terrorists were legitimate targets. Iraqi civilians are only innocent victims when Americans kill them.

And avoid the true potential parallel with the Vietnam War–after we cut and ran those peace-loving Communists killed at least ten million civilians in cold blood in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Let’s all get on-message: America is the real evil empire, American troops are homicidal maniacs, and the world would be a better place if we just surrendered and let a non-partisan committee of Islamists, Chinese, Russians and Europeans run it.

Think of how much better off the world would be without us: If American-imperialist thugs had stayed out of World War II, we wouldn’t have that nasty Israel problem. The European Union would’ve come into being decades earlier (speaking German, but what’s not to like?). The Japanese would’ve solved China’s over-population dilemma. And the Soviet Union would still be building the workers’ paradise.

[…]Isn’t it remarkable that, to the media, our troops are guilty until proven innocent, while our enemies are innocent even after they’re proven guilty? Compare the media feeding frenzy over Haditha with the utter lack of detailed human-interest reporting on the thousands of victims of terrorist atrocities. And just wait: In no time, we’ll hear that those terrorists arrested last Thursday in Miami were unfairly entrapped by the feds.

[…]Our troops will never be given credit, though. To get the media’s attention, an American soldier must die, suffer a crippling wound, or commit a crime.

A great job by Ralph in describing the leftist mentality. I was going to say the leftist mentality of today, but today’s leftists are no different then those in 20’s and 30’s. They all want a Communist style government while they bitch about the lack of freedom’s they have in a Democracy.

Sounds logical right?

As for Murtha and his crew, they need to be taken to the woodshed over their cowardice and traitorous behavior towards the Marines and our soldiers.. To think Murtha was once considered a Marine. Shameful political posturing all to get votes.

What a pathetic, sad man he is and throw in the whole of our MSM.

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