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Want to get your blood boiling a bit?  Take a look at what a editorial writer for the Daytona Beach News-Journal, and an author of his own blog, had to say about the two soldiers who were found tortured to death today: (h/t Sweetness & Light)

So let’s say it again: two American soldiers go missing. The reaction in America is nearly hysterical, especially with the added spin that the men were captured by “al-Qaeda,” a hysteria not dissimilar from the kind that greeted the killing of Zarquawi, the capture of Hussein, the killing of his two sons, the “rescue” of Jessica Lynch, the toppling of Saddam’s statue in Fidros square: all set pieces on a stage controlled from a make-believe war room in Washington the way the Air Force controls its unmanned drones over Iraq and Afghanistan from a small hangar at the edge of a runway in Las Vegas. In that context, the story of the missing Americans, the way it’s been told, the way it’s been hyped, is more of those piled-on insults on Iraqis’ daily fate, more of that attitude Iraqis have had enough of—that Americans count, they have names, they have faces, families, stories to tell, while Iraqis don’t. But even that distinction should be qualified by another divide.

I began writing this when news of the two Americans’ death was announced this morning. They were found dumped on an Iraqi street, after being tortured, the very same way dozens of Iraqis are found dumped with signs of torture day after day. I deliberately did not mention their death until now because in the end, their fate, the way the press plays it, is also irrelevant.

What a self indulging piece of crap this is.  He goes on and on about how Iraqi's are getting killed so whats the big deal if a couple American soldiers get themselves killed.  People dying all over the world so NO ONE should care if a few Americans die.

These people take the cake. 

The writer of this piece of trash is one Pierre Tristann, the paper can be contacted here

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