Posted by Curt on 20 June, 2006 at 6:04 pm. Be the first to comment!

While listening to the Larry Elder show this afternoon a caller from Wisconsin called in and proceeded to spew every single leftist talking point.  Larry did a great job of shooting them all down.  Even gave him some extra time to hang himself. 

Take a listen here (12 minutes 50 seconds long).

It's a perfect illustration of what kind of idiocy we are up against if the Democrats take the house in November.

First he started with the tired old argument that we were not greeted as liberators in Iraq, when in fact we were.

Then he moves onto his belief that Bush thought Democracy was going to be quick and easy in Iraq when in fact Bush said exactly the opposite.

All the while you hear the caller refusing to answer Larry's questions while bashing Bush…they know nothing else.

My favorite part is when the lefty states that his thinking changed after the first WTC attack in 93, way before everyone else, but he would not bash Clinton for not going after Osama Bin Laden when given the chance. 

You know what the excuse he gave for Clinton was?  He was too busy with the impeachment to have bothered with OBL.

Either way, it's all the Republicans fault. 

You have to love the liberal mindset.

Later on in the show Larry details some of the evidence that contradicted the caller….Listen to it here (4 minutes 53 seconds long)