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Ok, now I am friggin pissed.  This jackass has the gall to desecrate my Eagle, Globe, and Anchor…the same symbol that you receive after enduring weeks of bootcamp as a young man.  The same symbol that has sustained the Marine Corps throughout its proud history of being the first on the beach.

The cartoonist is Steve Benson and the paper that printed this piece of filth?  The Arizona Republic.

Trevor Bothwell puts it succinctly:

It is some sadistic irony that they defame the very people who are responsible for their freedom to publish such trash.

Michelle Malkin has some letters up that were sent to the newspaper in protest:

His disrespect for the Marines and the Marine Corp emblem is a slap in face to all the military. This is a very sad example of his generation. – Lee Folk, Surprise

The public must not lose sight of the fact that it is extremely easy to malign the fine men and women in the military while the "artist" sits safely in his home.

Richard Van Luvender, Havertown, Pa.

She also has the contact information for the paper….please send a little note to these ungrateful blowhards.

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