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The media is at it again with this article .  Take a look at the headline:

Bush opens Iraq strategy overhaul

CAMP DAVID, United States (AFP) – US President George W. Bush said talk of a US withdrawal from Iraq was premature but placed new leaders in Baghdad squarely in charge of ultimately pacifying their country.

Bush suggested that the fledgling government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki should tap Iraq's vast oil reserves to create a special fund to help Iraqis, securing support against militants behind a bloody insurgency.

"The best way to win this war against an insurgency is to stand up a unity government which is capable of defending itself but also providing tangible benefits to the people," he said at the Camp David retreat in Maryland.

[…]Amid mounting pressure to bring some or all US troops home, the president said that the commander of US forces in Iraq, General George Casey, would assess how well Maliki's team was doing in defeating the insurgency.

"Whatever we do will be based upon the conditions on the ground. And whatever we do will be toward a strategy of victory," said Bush. "This is a process of understanding the Iraqi capabilities."

[…]The US president also suggested that Iraq's vast oil reserves might be one of Maliki's best weapons against those who seek to destabilize his government, proposing the creation of a special fund to help the Iraqi people.

"The new government is going to have to figure out how best to lease the people's lands in a fair way," said Bush.

"My own view is that the government ought to use the oil as a way to unite the country and ought to think about having, you know, a tangible fund for the people so the people have faith in the central government," he said.

Where exactly is the overhaul?  This is the same thing he and his administration has been saying for years.  Don't believe me?  Go see for yourself:

And guess what, its the same strategy that is working. 

It's amazing the stuff these papers get away with.

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