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I'm starting to agree with Pam at Atlas Shrugs …..Bolton '08:

Time is running out for the diplomatic effort to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear programme and Washington has no intention of striking a comprehensive "grand bargain" with Tehran, the US's ambassador to the United Nations has warned.
Speaking to the Financial Times, John Bolton made clear many of his reservations about the current outreach to Iran, which Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, has persuaded President George W. Bush to endorse. Referring to a report by the United Nations nuclear watchdog that Iran has stepped up uranium enrichment – a process that can create both nuclear fuel and weapons grade material – Mr Bolton said: "They've got both feet on the accelerator, which is why we have a sense of urgency that these diplomatic efforts can't continue indefinitely . . . Each day that goes by gives Iran more time to continue to perfect its efforts for mass production."

[…]Mr Bolton, who describes himself as "not much a carrots man", was quick to play down expectations of a dramatic breakthrough and highlighted many of the problems facing the diplomatic process."It would be a mistake to think these negotiations are a first step towards some kind of grand bargain [involving US recognition]," he said. "We are only addressing the nuclear issue and stopping their pursuit of nuclear weapons."

He said US security guarantees for Iran were "not on the table", and argued instead that regime change could remove a nuclear threat: "Our experience has been that when there is a dramatic change in the life of a country, that's the most likely point at which they give up nuclear weapons."

This comes on top of his defense of "middle America" at the UN:

AMERICA’S bitter dispute with the United Nations escalated last night when John Bolton, the US envoy to the UN, threatened to withhold funding to the organization unless it apologized for the remarks of a senior British official.

Speaking at the Centre for Policy Studies in London, Mr Bolton assailed Mark Malloch Brown, the British Deputy UN Secretary-General, for the disparaging remarks he made about the American public this week. “Mark Malloch Brown has a sentence in his speech where he says the role of the UN is a mystery in Middle America,” he said.
“Maybe it is fashionable in some circles to look down on Middle America, to say they don’t get the complexities of the world and they don’t have the benefit of continental education and they are deficient in so many ways,” Mr Bolton added. “It is illegitimate for an international civil servant to criticize what he thinks are the inadequacies of citizens of a member government.”

The tough-talking US envoy reiterated that the dispute could harm important reforms to the international body. He also hinted that the US Congress, which controls American government spending, might reconsider US funding to the UN, which accounts for 22 per cent of the organization’s annual budget. “Congress has the power of the purse and they feel quite strongly on a bipartisan basis that America has a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent, even people from Middle America,” he said, with a note of sarcasm. “I don’t think we have seen the end of it.”

This guy is the best thing that has happened at the UN in 30 years.  He doesn't kowtow to the Socialist elite as his predecessors did and is genuinely trying to reform this corrupt useless organization.  He has lots of work to do just based on Mr. Brown's connections; 

[…]Mr Annan, under fire from Republicans, began a UN reform drive and sought advice from his American friends, predominantly Democrats. After a secret meeting at the home of the Clinton Administration’s UN Ambassador, Richard Holbrooke, Mr Annan named Mr Malloch Brown as his chief of staff in January last year.

The appointment raised eyebrows when it was reported that Mr Malloch Brown was renting a house on George Soros’s estate for $2,500 a month less than the previous occupant. Even before Mr Bolton was named US Ambassador, he seemed destined to clash with Mr Malloch Brown. Mr Soros, Mr Malloch Brown’s landlord and old friend, helped to fund the Stop Bolton campaign, aimed at stopping him from getting the post.

Mr Malloch Brown has been criticized by dissident UN staff for aligning the world body too closely with Democrats in US domestic politics. They accuse him of allowing a UN staffer, Justin Leites, to play a leading role in the 2004 presidential campaign of John Kerry, violating staff rules. It is a charge that he denies. “I don’t consider myself aligned with any American political establishment,” he said. “I am British. I have worked in the UN and in international jobs all of my life.” 

Withhold the money please.  I agree with the lefties commenting on this issue (bound to happen sometime I suppose).  Move the UN out of the States, and get the hell out of the organization completely.  The Socialists and the Communists may be at home with corruption and uselessness, but we shouldn't be.

Withhold the money please. I agree with the lefties commenting on this issue (bound to happen sometime I suppose). Move the UN out of the States, and get the hell out of the organization completely. The Socialists and the Communists may be at home with corruption and uselessness, but we shouldn’t be.