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You know it wasn’t going to take long for a MSM outfit to blame Bush for Haditha, and surprise surprise…it’s the NYT’s:

This is the nightmare that everyone worried about when the Iraq invasion took place. Critics of the war predicted that American troops would become an occupying force, unable to distinguish between innocent civilians and murderous insurgents, propelled down the same path that led the British to disaster in Northern Ireland and American troops to grief in Vietnam. The Bush administration understood the dangers too, but dismissed them out of its deep, unwarranted confidence that friendly Iraqis would quickly be able to take control of their own government and impose order on their own people.

These people take the cake. At no time did Bush say Iraq was going to be easy.

It will be difficult to help freedom take hold in a country that has known three decades of dictatorship, secret police, internal divisions, and war. Yet the security of our nation and the hopes of millions depend on us, and Americans do not turn away from duties because they are hard. We have met great tests in other times, and we will meet the tests of our time.

Our victory in Iraq is certain, but it is not complete. Centralized power of the dictator has ended — yet, in parts of Iraq, desperate and dangerous elements remain. Forces of our coalition will engage these enemies until they surrender or until they’re destroyed. (Applause.) We have waged this war with determination and with clarity of purpose. And we will see it through until the job is done.

As we press on to liberate every corner of Iraq, we are beginning the difficult work of helping Iraqis to build a free and stable country.

He knew that Iraq would be rough but in a post 9/11 world it would have been criminal to have allowed Saddam to stay. He had defied the UN 17 times, had not allowed inspectors in which was ordered after he signed the cease fire in 1991, had used WMD’s on his own people, had attempted to assassinate Bush Sr, had shot at our planes over the no-fly zones, and most importantly….had ties to Al-Qaeda. Bush had said he supported terrorism and now the Saddam documents bear this fact out. While not involved in 9/11 he sure did support and enable Al-Qaeda to continue on their quest.

Saddam had to go and thankfully we had Bush in office at the time.

Now that we have reached the one place we most wanted to avoid, it will not do to focus blame narrowly on the Marine unit suspected of carrying out these killings and ignore the administration officials, from President Bush on down, who made the chances of this sort of disaster so much greater by deliberately blurring the rules governing the conduct of American soldiers in the field. The inquiry also needs to critically examine the behavior of top commanders responsible for ensuring lawful and professional conduct and of midlevel officers who apparently covered up the Haditha incident for months until journalists’ inquiries forced a more honest review.

So let me get this straight. Bush is to blame because he went into Iraq in the first place? So any criminal acts committed by any troops during a war is the fault of the President from Washington on down because “he went to war in the first place”….Incredible.

Additionally, the investigation isn’t completed yet and they are obviously assigning guilt to the Marines already. In their minds they are already tried and convicted.

Another day in leftyland.

I’ll end with the always quoteable Mark Steyn:

For three years, coalition forces in Iraq behaved so well that a salivating Vietnam culture had to make do with the thinnest of pickings: one depraved jailhouse, a prisoner on a dog leash with a pair of Victoria’s Secret panties on his head and an unusually positioned banana. “Just look at the way U.S. army reservist Lynndie England holds the leash of the naked, bearded Iraqi,” wrote Robert Fisk, the dean of the global media’s Middle Eastern correspondents. “No sadistic movie could outdo the damage of this image. In September 2001, the planes smashed into the buildings; today, Lynndie smashes to pieces our entire morality with just one tug on the leash.”

Down, boy.

But now at last the media have their story. They’re off the leash. And, if the worst rumors are true, those 10 Marines will come to symbolize the 99.99 percent of their comrades who every day do great things for the Iraqi and Afghan people. In 2004, in the wake of Abu Ghraib, I wrote that “there is something not just ridiculous but unbecoming about a hyperpower 300 million strong whose elites — from the deranged former vice president down — want the outcome of a war, and the fate of a nation, to hinge on one freaky jailhouse; elites who are willing to pay any price, bear any burden, as long as it’s pain-free, squeaky-clean and over in a week. The sheer silliness dishonors the memory of all those we’re supposed to be remembering this Memorial Day.”


Check out Robin’s excellent post at Chickenhawk Express showing the REAL Haditha.

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So let me get this straight. Bush is to blame because he went into Iraq in the first place? So any criminal acts committed by any troops during a war is the fault of the President from Washington on down because “he went to war in the first place”….Incredible.

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