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By Robert Farrow

I never thought becoming a Republican might involve a vow of chastity, but sometimes I feel I have joined the priesthood. Trying to date as a red in a blue state can be a horribly frustrating experience, perhaps only seconded in aggravation levels by Sisyphus’s relationship with rocks. In some ways it is more socially acceptable to be homosexual then Republican in Maryland, and at least I would get more action. There have been countless conversations and phone calls that have been ended by the phrase “so you are one of them” comment, as if being a Republican was morally equivalent to Nazism and the KKK. I usually do not volunteer this information, but more often then not certain liberal females assumes I think like them, as if homo sapien has recently devolved into homo lemming, or homo liberal, which in that case is most definitively a de-evolution. But the best part of the story is right before my values were attacked, the female in question had previously volunteered a story about herself that would have made May West blush.

Once I went out with a N.O.W. worker (yes, I know, red flag #1) who, right after calling me a oppressive pig, admitted with a laugh she was having an affair with a married women. That date did not end well, as one might expect. Another women, who had called Republicans evil, defended the right for 13-year-old girls to drink alcohol and have sex, after having previously contributed to the delinquency of a minor. She also has similar values to the N.O.W. worker. Surprisingly, none of her relationships work out. However, not all is lost, for with values like that, she would make a good Supreme Court Justice. These examples go far to illustrate just how great a victory the liberals have won in destroying the values that were once commonplace, and had served our country for centuries. Traditional, Christian values have now become something you have to defend or be embarrassed about. I’m sure our founding fathers would be proud at what their country has become.

But what comes around, goes around, and these same girls are later often perpetually shocked (which liberals seem be often) when their boyfriend/girlfriend with flexible values cheat on them, and then manage to complain there is no good people anymore. This comes to little surprise to me, as those who are most flexible with their meanings and values also are those most likely to hold them to little regard. And that is the problem with liberalism, besides being hopeless naive, it’s quest to replace traditional values with moral relativism ultimately means no morals at all. And that world will be as a miserable place to liberals as well as to conservatives to live in. One only needs to look at how the ending of the stigma of unmarried motherhood and the destruction of the nuclear family has done more to hurt the African family as anything Jim Crow could do. It is further proof that a definition open to multiple interpretations has little meaning in the end.

Besides burning bras, hairy women who refuse to shave, and angry women too simple to realize they are lucky to be in one of the best countries on earth for women, the legacy of liberalism for females has been a massive rise in teen pregnancy, STD’s, rape, and murder, thanks to liberals excessive concern for the rights of criminals. But another overlooked legacy of liberalism is one that only Ann Coulter has noticed, namely that liberalism has destroyed the very institutions designed to protect females, such as monogamy, marriage, chastity, and chivalry. I can think of few things more destructive for females then feminism. It even demeans motherhood, kills unborn girls, and tries to destroy the distinction between the sexes. Liberalism eradicates everything it touches.

Now that’s freedom!

But that does not help me, still single and red in a sea of blue known as Maryland. I have not reached the mail-order-bride phase yet, but I am starting to worry. It would be nice to have kids before I retire and while I can still walk on my own and am still continent. But you never know. Anyone know an attractive, moral girl in her 30’s that does not think Bush is the anti-Christ? There must be one around here somewhere.

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