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When I first heard that the US is making a u-turn regarding Iran and now talking about direct talks with Hitler Jr. I was taken aback. I mean how could we even consider dealing with this unhinged maniac. But now I see it’s a great way of showing the world that we tried to go about it the way Europe, China, and Russia wants….and it didn’t work. It also helps the Chinese and the Russians to come aboard without losing face:

The United States, Russia, China and the leading nations of Europe announced agreement tonight on a general formula designed to resolve the nuclear crisis with Iran, but officials declined to specifically describe the package of incentives and punishments before it can be presented to Iran.

“I am pleased to say that we have agreed a set of far-reaching proposals as a basis for discussion with Iran,” said Margaret Beckett, the British foreign secretary. “We believe that they offer Iran the chance to reach a negotiated agreement based on cooperation.”

She said the nations represented at the talks “are prepared to resume negotiations should Iran resume suspension of all enrichment related and reprocessing activities as required by the I.A.E.A., and we would also suspend action in the Security Council.”

But she warned that “further steps would have to be taken in the Security Council” if Iran does not comply. Ms. Beckett’s statement avoided any mention of sanctions or other specific measures.

Iran has come out and said that they will not negotiate with the US about Nuclear fuel:

IRAN will never negotiate its nuclear program with the United States, its oil minister said in a television interview while in Venezuela for an OPEC meeting.

“We are never going to negotiate the nuclear fuel cycle, which we were able to obtain through the efforts of our country’s scientists,” Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh told Telesur overnight.

The Iranian minister downplayed a US offer to join direct talks with Iran if Tehran halts uranium enrichment activities.

Which is just fine because this places them into a corner regarding the only big allies they have. China and Russia. It will force them to make a decision. Back the Security Council or disregard the Council once again for an Iran who will not even use common sense.

This article puts it beautifully:

Iran has already suggested these conditions are too onerous so negotiations may never actually start. But that won’t matter much because the symbolism of Dr Rice’s gambit was more important than the substance. The State Department is now into the most critical phase yet of a delicate and high-risk game. It is a game that some in Washington feel is destined to fail; but, for the time being at least, the President has ruled that it is the game that the US will play.

Don’t bother reading the rest of that article since it’s just a bunch of Bush and the neo-cons wanted to take down the world, we failed in Iraq, we are all bad, blah blah blah, kind of stuff….EXCEPT this part:

That is the thrust of the Rice gambit: go the extra mile, two miles, three miles for diplomacy, so that the case for tougher measures is more easily made. But the gambit’s weakness is that it rests on an assumption that, in the end, when Iranian intransigence has been duly demonstrated, Europe will be willing to make the sacrifice necessary to halt the doomsday threat from a nuclear-armed Islamist state.

Who, looking at the performance of Europe in the last few years, would want to bet on that?

Not many.

So in the end it still ends with the same outcome. Attacking Iran. But this new tactic will at least show the world that we tried, now the ball is in their court.

We all know which way Hitler Jr. is going to hit that ball. diplomacy

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