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You can already see the battle lines being drawn by the left regarding Haditha. As they did with Abu Gharib they want to encapsulate the whole Iraq war into one event. They will say that the Iraq war is one big Haditha. Recall the outcry from the left when Nick Berg’s head was chopped off. Do you recall that? Exactly. There was none.

Recall the outcry when women’s panties were put on the heads of Iraqi prisoners. There was a HUGE outcry.

  • Head chopped off = Nada
  • Panties on head = Lots

So now we have Haditha. Even before the investigation is completed the EX-Marine Murtha spouted his mouth off again today:

Now, there were payments made to victims, which aren’t made unless we kill them, one way or the other. And, secondly, they knew about it the day afterwards. So, there’s no excuse for not having this be more open and know exactly what — and the longer it goes, the worse it is for us, because it looks like it’s the policy of our troops to do something like this.

He is telling the world that it may very well be the POLICY of our Armed Forces under President Bush to murder innocent civilians, just because. You know….Bush is eeeevvviiillllllllllllllllll

Let me get this straight. After deposing Saddam Hussein, a man who was connected to Al-Qaeda, harbored terrorist, and possessed WMD’s, after freeing the Iraqi citizens from rape rooms and acid baths, after giving those citizens a new Democracy…giving it to a country that has never had it before, after all that the left will try to encapsulate the WHOLE war over Haditha.

  • Freedom for 25 million people and ridding the world of a terrorist harborer and his WMD’s = No big deal
  • Haditha = Big deal

This will be the new outcry.

Nevermind that there may be evidence that contradicts much of what the left and Murtha is spewing:

In addition to video from the drone, investigators have records of radio message traffic between the Marines and a command center, said military defense lawyers who have discussed the investigation with Marines who were at Haditha but who have not yet been formally retained by them.

“There’s a ton of information that isn’t out there yet,” said one lawyer, who, like the others, would speak only on the condition of anonymity because a potential client has not been charged. The radio message traffic, he said, will provide a different view of the incident than has been presented by Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) and other members of Congress. For example, he said, contrary to Murtha’s account, it will show that the Marines came under small-arms fire after the roadside explosion.

[…]Lt. Col. Scott Fazekas, a Marine spokesman, said yesterday he could not comment on the reports of drone-aircraft video or other aspects of the case because “the investigation isn’t complete.”

[…]One of the military lawyers said Nov. 19 was the 3rd Battalion’s “hottest day” in Iraq, and was unusually violent even for al Anbar Province, which is where the insurgency began and where it remains extremely active.

In addition to drone surveillance that day, AV-8 Harriers were dropping bombs, helicopters were evacuating wounded, and a large firefight occurred about one-third of a mile from the site of the civilian shootings, said several people familiar with the investigation.

So now there may very well have been small arms fire directed at the Marines. But I thought Murtha said they were never shot at?

Heh, never expect a lefty to tell the WHOLE story. Hell Murtha was on the news recently saying this blantant mischaracterization:

“Eighty percent of the Iraqis want us out of there,” said Rep. John Murtha

Notice how he spins this since the actual question asked was “should the Americans leave EVENTUALLY!”

Of course they want us to leave eventually but being Democrat he wants to spin it this way to prove his point, and his whole point being CUT AND RUN!

What a coward and a disgrace this man and the left is.

Here is a message from Lt. Pantano who was accused of war crimes and found NOT GUILTY.

A year ago I was charged with two counts of premeditated murder and with other war crimes related to my service in Iraq. My wife and mother sat in a Camp Lejeune courtroom for five days while prosecutors painted me as a monster; then autopsy evidence blew their case out of the water, and the Marine Corps dropped all charges against me [“Marine Officer Cleared in Killing of Two Iraqis,” news story, May 27, 2005].

So I know something about rushing to judgment, which is why I am so disturbed by the remarks of Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) regarding the Haditha incident. Mr. Murtha said, “Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood.”

In the United States, we have a civil and military court system that relies on an investigatory and judicial process to make determinations based on evidence. The system is not served by such grand pronouncements of horror and guilt without the accuser even having read the investigative report.

Mr. Murtha’s position is particularly suspect when he is quoted by news services as saying that the strain of deployment “has caused them [the Marines] to crack in situations like this.” Not only is he certain of the Marines’ guilt but he claims to know the cause, which he conveniently attributes to a policy he opposes.

Members of the U.S. military serving in Iraq need more than Mr. Murtha’s pseudo-sympathy. They need leaders to stand with them even in the hardest of times. Let the courts decide if these Marines are guilty. They haven’t even been charged with a crime yet, so it is premature to presume their guilt — unless that presumption is tied to a political motive.


Jacksonville, N.C.

Diane Irey had a few choice words for Murtha yesterday as well:

Pennsylvania 12th district Republican Congressional nominee Diana Irey, surrounded by a dozen supportive war veterans, demanded that John Murtha apologize for his statement that US Marines are guilty of killing Iraqi civilians in cold blood.

John Murtha made the comments in question during a press conference he held last week and during his appearances on TV news shows, claiming “Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood.” Murtha made his remarks regarding an incident that happened on November 19th in Haditha, Iraq.

“Mr. Murtha, You need to make this right for our fellow Americans,” Irey demanded. “You need to formally apologize for your reckless statements and your rush to judgment. Such unfounded criticism of United States Marines serves only to empower those who promote hatred of Americans in foreign lands.”

“My opponent tells the story of this incident as if he was on the ground that fateful day. He somehow had a front row seat when all of the rest of America awaits the results of a monumental investigation, convicting these men without due process,” Irey said.

[…]Reporters have failed to ask Rep. Murtha why he hasn’t read a report on which he is commenting, said a Pentagon source.

Ms. Irey, of Carroll Township in Pennsylvania, accused Murtha of denying the Marines due process and had put American troops in danger with his remarks.

“John Murtha was a patriot,” Irey, a Republican, said at the Press Club. “…but many years have passed and I say again my opponent has lost his way because the comments and actions of late are not that of a patriot. Rather they serve to aid and comfort our enemies.”

“These inflammatory remarks read around the world not only put American lives at risk,” she said, “but will also be used as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations.”

A spokeswoman for Mr. Murtha said the congressman would not comment on Ms. Irey’s remarks.

The crowd that assembled during Ms. Irey’s event illustrated the prominent role that critics of Mr. Murtha’s from outside the 12th District are likely to play in her campaign against him.

At least three of the eight veterans standing behind Ms. Irey on the dais during her speech at the Press Club were from Virginia and Ms. Irey said financial support was pouring in, not only from Murtha’s district, but from around the country for her campaign against the well-financed Murtha.

One of those veterans, Eric Cooper of Springfield, Virginia, said he sent Ms. Irey a contribution yesterday and has been promoting her Web site to those who are angry about Mr. Murtha’s comments on Iraq, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“There’s a lot of anger out there [at Mr. Murtha] and she kind of represents that anger for us,” said Mr. Cooper, who said he served in the Marines between 1984 and 1993. “I know that I cannot vote for Diana Irey, but I can support her and I will.”

“By coming out and calling them ‘cold-blooded killers,’ he’s already tainted the minds of a possible jury of those who will be hearing these allegations,” added Irey.

As of late April, Federal Election Commission records show that Ms. Irey had raised nearly $75,600 but had less than $27,000 in cash. Mr. Murtha, who is among the top recipients of lobbyist contributions in Congress, had nearly $1.5 million on hand for the race, according to the Post-Gazette.

Support Diana Irey:


Send anything you can….we may not be able to vote for her but we can help her win this thing and push out this cowardly EX-Marine.

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So now after deposing Saddam Hussein, a man who was connected to Al-Qaeda, harbored terrorist, and possessed WMD’s, after freeing the Iraqi citizens from rape rooms and acid baths, after giving those citizens a new Democracy…giving it to a country that has never had it before, after all that the left will try to encapsulate the WHOLE war over Haditha.

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