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You guys want to see real lunacy? Take a gander at this from Sunsara Taylor writing on the Revolution website which proclaims itself to be the “Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA”. Here she is calling for assistence for her Communist front group called “World Can’t Wait”:

This election won’t give expression to the loathing seventy-plus percent feel for the President. This election won’t set the stage for impeachment of a liar who has sanctioned torture, spied on potentially millions, and left Black people to die on rooftops. This election won’t usher in an end to a gruesome war that the whole world is against nor will it prevent the next one. It won’t stem the corporate polluters fueling global warming or curb the locking up, deporting, and literal hunting of immigrants. And it certainly won’t slow the momentum to force women and gays to submit to the standards and punishments of the Old Testament Bible.

But don’t take my word for it–listen to the top Democrats themselves.

While sucking up to Pat Robertson’s vicious religious lunacy on the 700 Club, Howard Dean insisted, “I don’t think that the first thing on our agenda is gonna be to get in a big partisan fight about whether the President should be impeached or not.” Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi’s spokesperson put it more bluntly, “Impeachment is off the table; she is not interested in pursuing it.” Even John Conyers has conceded in advance, “Rather than seeking impeachment, I have chosen to propose a comprehensive oversight of these alleged abuses.”

As for the war, the police-state spying, and the widespread networks of torture, Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Dodd put it well when he described the Democrats’ strategy not to run “to the left of President Bush on national security but to the right.” Of course, Hillary Clinton leads the pack with her refusal to rule out nuking Iran: “We cannot take any option off the table in sending a clear message to the current leadership of Iran.”

[…]Bush MUST Be Driven Out!

George W. Bush is still extremely dangerous. Bush still believes he is on a “mission from ‘God.'” Ask yourself: in the face of growing opposition has he backed off this program?

Look down in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans where thousands of homes have still not been searched for bodies, the levees have still not been repaired, and miles stretch out in an uninhabitable war-zone. Recall the “shoot to kill” orders against “looters,” how troops forced Black people back into the flooded zones, and confront the fact that many thousands will never again have a home.

Take a look at the front page of the papers just last Thursday: the crumpled, faceless bodies of civilian men, women, and children methodically massacred in their homes in Haditha, Iraq. Note how this was covered up, repeatedly, at many levels of the military. Recall Abu-Ghraib. Recall Bagram. And ask yourself the cost to humanity every single day this war continues.

Look at the NSA spying. Remember how Bush lied more than a dozen times, claiming he wouldn’t spy on civilians without warrants. Remember the talk of impeachment that dwindled to censure, that stalled anyhow–even as greater depths of this spying continues to be revealed. And in the end Bush has ended up illegally institutionalizing even more sweeping surveillance powers, promoting to head the CIA a man who orchestrated this lawless police-state measure.

Look at the young girls around you and ask yourself if the world they grow up in will teach them that dreaming is too painful, that their bodies are shameful, and that pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are appropriate punishment for sex. Think of the darkness encroaching not just for women, but for all of humanity, as abortion is already banned in South Dakota, and even birth control is assailed, and as analysts project that Roe v. Wade could be overturned as early as March of next year.

This lady has been at the forefront of the Communist protests for awhile now and is just as uneducated and frantic as she appears on paper. On the Michael Medved show a few months back she went on and on at how evil America is and how many innocent people die at our hands but in the next breath showed great admiration for Mao. Yes, the same man who killed millions in the name of Communism. Those who dissented against him were arrested and either brainwashed or killed.

Doug Hagin pointed out the obvious in January:

She and her ilk continuously blast Bush for killing innocents in the war on terror. Yet these fools overlook Mao’s proven record as a man who butchered millions! Are they insane? Are they retarded? Surely, anyone who hails Mao as a civil libertarian must have his or her mental faculties questioned. The truth is this, these Communists that support Sunsara Taylor and her mission to remove Bush from power do not define freedom as sane and rational people do.

These kind of people are the reasons why Republicans HAVE to get out and vote. No staying at home to punish those you don’t agree with because these sick twisted Communist can take power. Not overnight, but it CAN happen.

Don’t believe me? Check out the Democratic handbook and you will find all the points she hit on as talking points. Bush evil, he is spying on Americans, deliberately killed blacks during Katrina, caused Abu Gharib and Haditha, lied to get into Iraq…..all the same points we get from the Democrats, AND the Communists.

Think about it. You may not agree with everything your Republican representative supports but think of the alternative.

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