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AJStrata and Macranger are tying the connections between one Rep. Jefferson and Mr. Joe Wilson of Plamegate:

From Mac:

There is MUCH MORE to this than just Jefferson’s involvement.

Put it this way: This is the LAST thing those involved in the “plan” thought would happen. Jefferson screwed up everything by drawing attention to himself after Katrina by commandeering National Guard resources to “clear his house” of evidence that points to the more than just the subject himself. It will interesting to see if to save himself Jefferson turns on his comrades.

And AJ:

Recall that Joe Wilson was running his own international business consulting firm when the CIA asked him twice (through his wife) to visit Niger in 1999 and 2002. He went again in 2000 when the military coup d’etat had been supllanted with a democratic government. His business was representing these governments to assist them in getting lucrative business opportuities.

With that in mind, note this news on the ever expanding Rep Jefferson probe (which somehow the Congressional Reps were able to jump on the wrong side of instantly):

The FBI is focusing on at least eight different suspected bribery schemes as part of its corruption probe of Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.), according to a federal affidavit and sources familiar with the investigation.

…Federal authorities have alleged in court documents that Jefferson took more than $500,000 in bribes in exchange for using his official position to promote iGate’s technology in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

…The affidavit discloses an alleged scheme in which Jefferson introduced officials from Netlink Digital Television (NDTV), a Nigerian company, to Jackson.

NDTV agreed to pay iGate nearly $45 million for the right to use its technology and to distribute it in Nigeria. The affidavit alleges that Jefferson, without iGate’s knowledge, separately negotiated with NDTV officials to receive $5 for each subscriber in “return for Jefferson’s official assistance if the deal was successful.”

Things are getting mighty interesting huh?

Are the two connected? Not enough information at the moment to decide either way, it can all be a coincidence. But it is mighty curious that both Jefferson and Wilson worked to represent companies in the same country at the same time.

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