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By Robert Farrow

If it wasn’t for reports of enemy suicide bombings, it would be difficult to tell from listening to the MSM that there is a war on. Even worse is the attitude of those supposedly representing our government. The Democrats seem substantially more worried about George Bush then Zarqawi or Bin-Laden. Yet again, there is another leak from the CIA, an organization that is suppose to protect us by learning the secrets of the enemy but seems to be better at leaking our secrets to the enemy. So the questions that Americans are not asking themselves is:

What have the Democrats done to make us safer from terrorism?

Well, if you have to think to think about it, that says something, doesn?t it? I think one of the reasons this hpocrisy has been allowed to continue is the seeming short memory of most Americans, and that the media would rather post picture of naked Iraqi terrorists with leashes in prison then innocents being decapitated. So regardless of what the media prints, who really is the enemy? Who is attacking both the West and moderate Muslims? Obviously, it?s not the Republicans. So why is it that all you hear is lies and and attacks on the Republican party? Why is it that Abu-Graib a household word but the countless attacks against moderate muslims and Christians are ignored, such as this attack:

Seven suspected Islamic terrorists confessed during an interrogation that they planned and carried out the beheading three Christian schoolgirls on October 29th 2005.

So, in case you forgot, let me remind you again of who the enemy is.

Disturbing 9/11 Tapes Played at Moussaoui Trial

Two new and disturbing audio recordings of calls made from the south tower of the World Trade Center to 9-11 operators on Sep 11, 2001 were played for jurors at the sentencing trial of Zacarias Moussaoui this week. The Alexandria, Virginia jury heard calls placed by Melissa Doi, 32, from the 83rd floor of the south tower and by Kevin Cosgrove, 46, from the 105th floor of the south tower.

Melissa Doi:

the link is here for the audio

Transcript of Melissa Doi’s call to 9-11 operators

Melissa Doi: Oh my God, I’m on the 83rd floor! I?m on the 83rd floor!
9-11: Ma?am how ya doing?
MD: Is it? is it? are they going to be able to get somebody up here?
9-11: Well of course ma?am. We?re coming up for you.
MD: Well, There’s no one here yet and the floor’s completely engulfed. We are on the floor and we can’t breathe and it’s very, very, very hot.
9-11: It?s very… are the lights still on?
MD: The lights are on but it?s very hot, very hot! We?re all the way on the other side of Liberty and its very, very hot!
9-11: Can you turn the lights off?
MD: No! No the lights are off.
9-11: Now, everybody stay calm, you?re doing a good job. Everybody?s coming, everybody knows? everybody knows what happened. That have to take time to come up there, you know that. You got to be very careful.
MD: It?s very, very hot.
9-11: I understand. You?ve got to be very, very careful? how they approach you, ok? Now you stay calm. How many people where you?re at right now?
MD: There?s like five people here with me. Everybody?s having trouble breathing, some people are worse.
9-11: Unconscious? Everybody awake? And its very hot there but there?s no fire there right?
MD: I can?t see because its too hot.
9-11: Very hot. No fire for now and no smoke right?
MD: Of course there?s smoke! There is smoke! I can?t breathe! I think there is fire because it?s very hot. It?s very hot everywhere on the floor.
9-11: I?m documenting what you?re saying ok? It?s very hot, you see no fire but you see smoke right?
MD: It?s very hot. I don?t see any air anymore. All I see is smoke. Please?
9-11: Listen. The call is in, I?m documenting?
MD: I’m going to die, aren’t I?
9-11: No, no, no.
MD: I’m going to die.
9-11: Ma’am say your prayers.
MD: I?m going to die.
9-11: You have to think positive because you got to help each other off the floor.
MD: I?m going to die. I know I?m going to die.
9-11: Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. You?re doing a good job.
MD: Please God. No. It?s so hot. I?m burning up.
(9-11 operator talks on radio)
MD: Wait, wait, wait! We here voices! Hello! Help!
9-11: Hello ma?am?
MD: Help!
9-11: Stay calm, stay calm. Just don?t move.
MD: Oh my God. Find out if there’s anybody here on the 83rd floor.
9-11: Ma’am stay on the phone with me.
MD: Find out if there’s anyone on the 83rd floor because we thought we heard somebody.
9-11: Ma’am I already notified the lieutenant, ok? I already notified the lieutenant that there?s five people on the 83rd floor right? Very hot and smoky so they won?t overlook you, ok dear?
MD: Can you… can you stay on the line with me please?
9-11: Yes ma?am.
MD: I feel like I’m dying? they?re here?
9-11: Are they inside with you yet, dear?
MD: No.
9-11: Ok, Stay calm.
MD: Can you find out where they are?
9-11: Ma?am, stay calm until they get inside.
(9-11 operator talks on radio and tape ends)

Kevin Cosgrove:

the link is here for the audio

Transcript of Kevin Cosgrove’s call to 9-11 operators

9-11: What’s the telephone number I can tell FD to push up? What’s the telephone number you’re calling from?
Kevin Cosgrove: I can barely see.
9-11: You can barely see?
KC: 4-4-1… .
9-11: 4-4-1… .
KC: 2-6-2-3
9-11: That’s on the 105th floor of the Northwest corner, right?
KC: Right.
9-11: At number Two World Trade Center?
KC: Right … Lady, there’s two of us in this office. We’re not ready to die, but it’s getting bad.
9-11: I understand, sir. We’re trying to get all the apparatuses there. I am trying to let them know where you are. Stay on the line
KC: Oh, please hurry.
Fire Department: Let me talk to the caller please … Let me talk to the caller. Where is he?
9-11: He’s on the line.
FD: Let me talk to him … Where is the fire, sir?
KC: Smoke really bad. 105 Two Tower.
FD: Alright. Sit tight. We’ll get to you as soon as we can.
KC: They keep saying that, but the smoke’s really bad now.
FD: That’s all we can do now.
KC: What floor are you guys up to?
FD: We’re getting there. We’re getting there.
KC: Doesn’t feel like it, man. I got young kids.
FD: I understand that, sir. We’re on the way.
9-11: He’s on the 105th floor in the Northwest corner.
KC: He hung up on me … Hello, operator?
9-11: Yes?
KC: Come on, man.
9-11: We have everything we need, sir.
KC: I know you do, but doesn’t seem like it … You got lots of people up here.
9-11: I understand.
KC: I know you got a lot in the building, but we are on the top. Smoke raises, too. We are on the floor. We’re in the window. I can barely breathe now. I can’t see.
9-11: Okay, just try to hang in there. I’m going to stay with you.
KC: You can say that, you’re in an air-conditioned building. What the hell happened?
9-11: Okay. I’m still here … still trying … The Fire Department is trying to get to you.
KC: Doesn’t feel like it.
9-11: Okay, try to calm down so you can conserve your oxygen, okay? Try to …
KC: Tell God to blow the wind from the West. It’s really bad. It’s black. It’s arid. Does anyone else wanna chime in here? We’re young men. We’re not ready to die.
9-11: I understand.
KC: How the hell are you going to get my ass down? I need oxygen.
9-11: They’re coming. They’re getting you. They have a lot of apparatuses on the scene.
KC: It doesn’t feel like it, lady. You get them in from all over. You get ’em in from Jersey. I don’t give a shit. Ohio.
9-11: Okay, sir. What’s your last name?
KC: Name’s Cosgrove. I must have told you about a dozen times already. C.O.S.G.R.O.V.E. My wife thinks I’m alright. I called and said I was leaving the building and that I was fine and then — bang … Cherry. Doug Cherry. Doug Cherry’s next to me. 105. Whose office? John Ostaru’s office?
9-11: That’s where he said? That’s the office?
KC: We’re in John Ostaru’s office. O.S.T.A.R.U.
9-11: A.R.U.
KC: Right. That’s the office we’re in. There are three of us in here.
9-11: Ostaru. Hello?
KC: Hello. We’re looking in … We’re overlooking the Financial Center. Three of us. Two broken windows. Oh God. Oh …
At this point the tower collapses.

the link is here

I do not wish to politicize a tragedy, but Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have declared war on us and a portion of this country cares more about winning elections then winning a war. So who is playing politics with a tragedy? And for those that think this is some recent event that will go away on itself or if we leave Iraq, let me give you a list of reasons why it won?t.

Tours, Hattin, Constantinople, Las Navas de Toloso, Rhodes and Malta, or Lepanto, or more recently the 1882 Beruit bombings, the 1983 Marine Barracks, the 1985 Achille Lauro, 1986 Berlin Disco, 1988 Pam Am Flight 103, 1993 World Trade Center, 1996 Housing complex in Saudia Arabia, 1998 Kenya and Tanzania, USS Cole, 911 attacks, and the countless other attacks made by Muslims throughout the world that the media ignores. Let?s don?t forget female genital mutilation, honor killings, abuses of women, and oppression of all major fundamental human rights by Islam.

And it is not just the west that suffers.

There are other videos and pictures, but they are difficult to watch. This is what the media fails to report while they daily find the time to attack our president and weaken our military. (And why is liberals and N.O.W. more worried about gay marriage and killing babies then alll the abuses of women under Islam?) So as the media reports another leak that damages our security, a new item has emerged that the MSM has failed to report, courtesy the NY Sun and Dinocrat.

Iran Declares War

President Ahmadinejad?s letter to President Bush, widely interpreted as a peaceful overture, is in fact a declaration of war. The key sentence in the letter is the closing salutation. In an eight-page text of the letter being circulated by the Council on Foreign Relations, it is left untranslated and rendered as ?Vasalam Ala Man Ataba?al hoda.? What this means is ?Peace only unto those who follow the true path.?

It is a phrase with historical significance in Islam, for, according to Islamic tradition, in year six of the Hejira – the late 620s – the prophet Mohammad sent letters to the Byzantine emperor and the Sassanid emperor telling them to convert to the true faith of Islam or be conquered. The letters included the same phrase that President Ahmadinejad used to conclude his letter to Mr. Bush. For Mohammad, the letters were a prelude to a Muslim offensive, a war launched for the purpose of imposing Islamic rule over infidels.

Much of the rest of Ahmadinejad?s letter is devoted to portraying Mr. Bush as an infidel. Given that Mr. Bush is not about to convert to Islam, what the letter presages is, if anything, an Islamic attack. So the thing to think about is what this implies for American policymakers. For one thing, no step short of converting to Islam will avert the planned attack so long as the regime in Tehran remains in power. All the ?carrots? that the doves in the American foreign policy establishment want to offer – abandoning Israel, offering Iran ?security guarantees? and economic and political relations – fall short of what Iran?s president demands. He demands that America ?follow the true path,? that is, convert to Islam. Short of that, America will not receive peace from the Iranian regime.

Yesterday, we brought you a message of peace from the Iranian Dear Leader. Today, it?s business as usual, via Australian ABC:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that Israel ?one day will vanish? as he ramped up his anti-Western rhetoric in a speech to university students in Jakarta. ?This regime one day will vanish,? the leader said, complaining that when elections were held in the Palestinian territories ?and supported by its people, liberalism did not want to recognise it?. Last October, the Iranian president declared that the Jewish state should be ?wiped off the map?. In April he said that Israel ?cannot survive? and that migrants to the Jewish state should go back to where they came from.

Ahmadinejad means business, make no mistake. Every time we see some sort of flabby column, such as this one, indicating that the West should be accommodating to Iran and Islamist radicals in order to get them to moderate their positions, we call to mind the character of Ellis in the movie Die Hard. He?s the poor sap who thinks he is sophisticated but gets his head blown off because he has failed to realize just what kind of men he is dealing with. We fancy we do understand just whom we are dealing with.
the link is here

We, Democrats and Republicans, as in WWII, should be working together on this. Politics should end at the water’s edge. If you do not know who the enemy is, how can you win?

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