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Many bloggers have already commented on the recently discovered Al-Qaeda document found by CENTCOM on April 16th:

BAGHDAD, Iraq ? During an Apr. 16 raid in the Yusifiyah area, Coalition Forces discovered a large amount of documents and videos ranging from plans to critiques including al Qaida in Iraq?s strategy in Baghdad, and how the terrorist organization lacks leadership, military capability and Iraqi support.

After discovering these documents, the translated versions were sent to Coalition Forces? leadership for analysis, said a Multi-National Force spokesman. Specifically, the al Qaida author of the ?Baghdad Strategy? and the ?Baghdad State of Affairs? is unknown, but officials assess he is of significance within the terrorist organization. The latter memorandum outlines that al Qaida in Iraq presently has no strategy, that the ??mujahideen are not considered more than a daily annoyance to the Shiite government??, and that the ??mujahideen in Baghdad are generally groups of assassins without any organized military capabilities.?

?The discovery of theses documents is extremely relevant. This information confirms what the Government of Iraq, Coalition Forces and ultimately the people of Iraq already know – that AQIZ?s role only attempts to impede Iraqis in following the road to prosperity, security and national unity,? said MNF-I spokesman, Brig. Gen. Rudy Wright.

According to the translated al-Qaida in Iraq?s documents, the Mujahideen?s only power lies in surprise ?hit and run? attacks, or setting up explosive charges and booby traps that predominantly target civilian men, women and children.

Arabic version here.

While most have already stated the obvious, that Al-Qaeda is losing this fight, I thought I would chime in with a few notes.

Looking through most of the blogs I have found Ed Morrissey’s analysis the most thorough so you should check his post out first.

Back to the memo:

Most of the mujahidin power lies in surprise attacks (hit and run) or setting up explosive charges and booby traps.

No surprises there. We have all known that for years now.

Thus, what is fixed in the minds of the Shiite and Sunni population is that the Shiites are stronger in Baghdad and closer to controlling it while the mujahidin (who represent the backbone of the Sunni people) are not considered more than a daily annoyance to the Shiite government.

Funny stuff in this segment. I especially enjoy how they call the Governement of Iraq “the Shiites” since the actual Government is a representative one comprising all 3 segments of society there. But anyways it appears they are at least dealing in some reality when they conclude they are only a annoyance.

The strength of the brothers in Baghdad is built mainly on booby trapped cars, and most of the mujahidin groups in Baghdad are generally groups of assassin without any organized military capabilities.

This one is not to surprising either, but nice to see in print.

The policy followed by the brothers in Baghdad is a media oriented policy without a clear comprehensive plan to capture an area or an enemy center. Other word, the significance of the strategy of their work is to show in the media that the American and the government do not control the situation and there is resistance against them. This policy dragged us to the type of operations that are attracted to the media, and we go to the streets from time to time for more possible noisy operations which follow the same direction.

This direction has large positive effects
; however, being preoccupied with it alone delays more important operations such as taking control of some areas, preserving it and assuming power in Baghdad (for example, taking control of a university, a hospital, or a Sunni religious site).

And you know who we can thank for their perception that the strategy has positive effects? Their partners in crime, our Main Stream Media and every leftist in this country.

At the same time, the Americans and the Government were able to absorb our painful blows, sustain them, compensate their losses with new replacements, and follow strategic plans which allowed them in the past few years to take control of Baghdad as well as other areas one after the other. That is why every year is worse than the previous year as far as the Mujahidin?s control and influence over Baghdad.

What does this mean? It means we are winning this war. They are admitting that they are losing but where is the media? Why is this not being printed above the fold, being read as the leadoff story to every newscast?

You know why. Because then the MSM and the left would have to admit that we are doing a good job over there, and that things are considerable brighter then they would admit. All so they can win a few political points over Bush. What a pathetic bunch of dogs these people are.

Here are some recent quotes from those leftists we love to hate.

John Kerry:

The war in Vietnam and the war in Iraq are now converging in too many tragic respects. As in Vietnam, we engaged militarily in Iraq based on official deception ? and as in Vietnam, we have stayed and fought and died even though it is time for us to go.

Howard Dean

the ?idea that we?re going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong

Joe Biden:

It is increasingly clear that President Bush does not have a strategy for victory in Iraq. Rather, he hopes to prevent defeat and pass the problem along to his successor.

John Murtha:

I said over a year ago now, the military and the administration agrees now that Iraq cannot be won militarily.

I said two years ago, the key to progress in Iraq is Iraqitize, internationalize and energize.

[…]I believe that and I have concluded the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq is impeding this progress. Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency. They are united against U.S. forces, and we have become a catalyst for violence. U.S. troops are the common enemy of the Sunnis, the Saddamists and the foreign jihadists.

Nancy Pelosi

As we approach the third anniversary of the war in Iraq, the President today chose to focus on a high-tech effort to defeat improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The threat of these devices persists because the Bush Administration failed to have a strategy in place when the war started to get control of supplies of Iraqi weapons and bring security and stability to the country. Iraq remains awash in the munitions used to make IEDs, and sectarian bombings now pose as great a security threat as insurgent attacks.

This is just one example of the poor planning by the President for the war in Iraq ? and our troops on the ground are paying the price. Instead of launching yet another public relations campaign, President Bush should use his speeches this week to provide a strategy to bring our brave men and women home safely and soon.

Defeat defeat defeat…..we are defeated. Bring our troops home now! Give Iraq to Al-Qaeda!

Meanwhile the Pentagon has delayed deployment of 3,500 troops to Iraq “to give more time and flexibility to U.S. commanders in Iraq, led by Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., while they and Iraqi leaders assess the insurgency and sectarian violence amid the formation of a new Iraqi government.”

Sounds like we’re getting our asses handed to us doesn’t it? Never listen to our MSM, and especially to the left in this country.

Other’s Blogging:

You know why. Because then the MSM and the left would have to admit that we are doing a good job over there, and that things are considerable brighter then they would admit. All so they can win a few political points over Bush. What a pathetic bunch of dogs these people are.

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