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I find this very amusing. The fact that another Democrat who goes all banana’s over school vouchers still believes it’s ok to send their own kids to a private school. It’s ok if everyone elses kids are forced to go to terrible schools, but not his kids:

While Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) continues his strong opposition to school vouchers that would allow poorer Americans access to private schools for their children, Conyers enrolls his own children in one of the nation’s priciest private schools.

Rep. Conyers spends upwards of $17,000.00 per year for his child to attend The Cranbrook School. It’s estimated that once the child reaches the ninth grade, the tuition will rise to over $21,000.00 per year.

While school-voucher supporters have noted what they see as his blatant hypocrisy, the mainstream news media ignores the fact that Rep. Conyer’s children attend an elite academy while his constituents are forced into “the educational disgrace of the Detroit Public School System.”

Conyers is a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee and is the subject of an ethics investigation over allegations he used his staff “inappropriately.” Conyers, according to former House staffers, used them for babysitting and menial jobs outside the perview of their job descriptions.

There are also allegations that Conyers and his staff took dozens of Thanksgiving turkeys which were meant for charity and used them for their own private holiday meals.

Conyers’ office did not comment on these allegations.

This is from his own website:

Congressman John Conyers, Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee and Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus, commended Partners for Public Education for its organization of its “Every Child Counts — Stand Up for Public Schools” event in Detroit on Tuesday, October 26th.. “It is vital for parents, educators, and community leaders to join together to strengthen Detroit’s public schools. This forum will allow supporters of public education to discuss real school reform — such as reduction in class size, teacher training, and building new schools — and learn about schemes like vouchers which will only harm our public schools,” Conyers said.


Does this kinda stuff sound familiar? Recall Hillary’s recent unhinged speech where she railed against vouchers but like Conyers, feels that choice is only good for the rich:

Interesting to note that in 1992 when it was time for the Clintons to pick a school to send Chelsea to they chose not to send her to public school but instead to the elite Sidwell Friends school. Being in the White House they could have sent Chelsea to either Jefferson or Hine public school but instead chose to do what was best for their daughter.

As usual the Democrats say what they believe will get them elected but do not adhere to their principals (if they have any) in their private lives.

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